Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Renewal. Inside and out. :-)

Spring seems to be coming despite the prediction by Sir Walter Wally on Groundhog Day. Of course I could be speaking too soon, but in the meantime we are enjoying gorgeous weather. It's supposed to be in the mid-seventies on Friday! :-D

I couldn't resist taking a picture before breakfast on Sunday.

I have a nice comfortable sewing corner in the living room.

Made even nicer by the view.  Of course it always seems we sit in the living room in the evenings when it's just a big blank black window.  Sigh.

This evening while we watched our hour of TV, Maisy claimed a spot on The Tramp's lap.  Apparently his lap goes all the way down to his toes!  Too funny.  She's an awfully short dog to have such a long stretch.

She's also amusing to watch at mealtimes.  She's the original stomach on four short legs.   The dogs have to sit quietly and wait until I say they can eat.  While the other two watch me closely, Maisy watches her food closely.  Every few moments an eyebrow will twitch as she checks to see if I'm still there.  Nutty dog!

On the sewing front, this evening was the second cutting of the acrylic.  The first acrylic sheet cracked while being cut, so The Tramp adjusted his strategy.  And we have a winner!  You will also notice the lamps are no longer sagging.  Yay!

Sigh.  It's a thing of beauty.

Masterful work with power tools by The Tramp and a whole lot of sanding by me, to get the edges nice and smooth.  Wonderful!  I have charity quilts to finish before tomorrow night.  :-)

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Lynn said...

Thank goodness for these few days of warmth and sun! I love reading about your dogs. She looks so cute there waiting to eat.