Friday, February 11, 2011

A very ADD day

I spent most of today showing the ADD side of myself (send The Tramp a sympathy card), flitting from one thing to another and mostly forgetting whether I was coming or going.  The Tramp was home today and in spite of my being so ridiculously unfocused, between us we got a few things done.  Home Depot was visited.  Light bulbs were replaced in the ceiling of the master bath.  (it was getting pretty dark in there)  The droopy sewing lamps are fixed. (yay!)  The old sewing table is listed on craigslist and waiting in the garage for a new owner.  (carrying it downstairs nearly killed me/us) While The Tramp slept in this morning, I enthusiastically baked what turned out to be not-so-nice sticky buns which of course had to drip butter and sugar all over my oven.  (urgh)  I also baked, or rather,  nearly burned a loaf of bread (a lesson in why you shouldn't ignore your timer), which turned out to be very good anyway!  (something had to go right today)  We also made an attempt to cut the acrylic for the new sewing table but it split and I will get another piece of acrylic tomorrow.  (good practice, lessons learned and the outcome will be better next time)

Yesterday I made up a batch of butterscotch oatmeal cookies for The Tramp. (yum!)  I had put aside about 20 in a plastic bag for him to take to work and share, and Maisy the Weird, Maisy the Strange, Maisy the What-Am-I-Going-To-Do-With-You-Dog! snitched the bag off the kitchen counter and ate the whole darned thing!  So of course today was punctuated by her need to go out....often.  I guess we're fortunate she doesn't seem to want to eat Charlie.  Actually, I suspect she's in more danger than Charlie is!  LOL

I was pleased to finally receive my new iron from The Vermont Country Store.  This is the second one as the first one came dented.  It's hard to imagine how it would not end up dented when it comes (in it's own box) thrown into a shipping box with one piece of packing paper.  I returned it and asked for a replacement and could they please pack it more carefully the second time around.  HA!  This one was packed the same way.  The inner box was a bit smashed but this time the iron was intact.  And it works!  I really wanted it because it's a no-steam iron and doesn't have any holes in the soleplate to catch on and wrinkle up squares and triangles etc.  I will however, think twice about ordering from The Vermont Country Store again, so I hope it lasts.

This evening I actually did a little sewing.  I've been meaning to try this tutorial for a shopping bag for quite a while.  I congratulate the writer/designer for such clearly written instructions.  Embarking on something new after 10 pm on an ADD day isn't necessarily very smart but I'm very happy with the result.  The bag is fashioned after a plastic shopping bag and I think her method of construction is quite clever.

Fun!  I'll have to make more of them....though not necessarily this late at night.  :-)

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