Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A finish!

I wish it was a sewing finish....but at least it is a sewing room finish!  The Tramp and I worked hard all weekend and I worked all day yesterday and the room...and house...is mostly put back in order after the carpet installation.  THANK GOODNESS!  Everything is out of the bathroom.  Yay!  Well....except one Singer.  :-)

Before I trash the room again I had to take some pictures.  I've moved things around a bit.  The Juki is now over in the corner and the ironing surface in the middle of the room.  Much nicer.

The machines are draped with fabrics I intend to make into covers.  The walls in here are a very pale green and the accent color is developing to be purple.  :-)

My desk is now half the size.  Much better!  I still have to find a better method of hanging those curtains and put up colorful valances.  Goodness!  Right now they just look like rags....and they're not!

The Tramp put up a strip for my ribbons.  It'll take years and years for me to have a nice display like my mom had in her sewing room.....if I'm lucky.  We also cobbled together two small bookcases to make a tall one.  It's full!  What am I going to do???  There are so many more books to buy!

I love this strange blue Ikea computer desk next to my machine.  I have an ironing surface on top, I can pull out a cutting surface and I can store things like my serger and my leaders and enders underneath.

The Bernina is also waiting for a cover.

 The design wall is back up on the wall.

The ironing surface is an Ikea sideboard.  I painted it a funky purple a few years ago but the back was nothing to look at.  So since I have to sit there and look at it, I covered the back with some Flavia fabric I bought at WalMart before they stopped carrying fabric.  (sigh)  I also recovered the top with clean white canvas a la Sharon Schamber.  I know it won't stay clean very long, just like the one by my machine, but that's ok.

These two Ikea cabinets under my cutting table are wonderful and a good deal cheaper than the Horn of America version.  Also, we lucked out and got them for half price! One has sewing items in it and one is all my office stuff.

I rearranged all my bookshelves and now my binders full of info and patterns are so much easier to access.  :-)

The Tramp likes to tell everyone I allow him one corner.  And I do!

So after all that work, today I planned to do nothing but sew.  But of course there were so many things I had to do "first."  SIGH.  I ended up spending the bulk of the day in the kitchen.  I'm not a kitchen person.  At all.  So I'm figuring the kitchen in this house is turning out to be a pretty good little kitchen if I'm willing to spend so much time in it.  LOL

I cooked the milk for yogurt.

Stewed the chicken for dog stew.

Boned the chicken and added all the other ingredients.

And stored it all away after it cooled.

I also used up the mushy bananas for some banana bread.  You can see above, it came out a little brown around the edges.  But I had to do that to get the center of it cooked. 

And a lentil tomato stew went into the slow cooker.

We won't discuss the number of dirty pots and dishes I generated.  Birds seem to love the sound of running water.  Charlie thought it was all great fun and sang and screeched and talked and played with great gusto.  (especially the screeching...I'm not sure he likes NPR)  Funnily enough, while I was doing all this cooking, I was listening to the Diane Rehm show and it was all about the new dietary guidelines.  Quite interesting.

Of course the dogs were underfoot too.  They know when I'm cooking for them.  Finally this afternoon I started quilting a charity quilt, but the table the Juki is on is too high and I have to wait for The Tramp to get home and help me adjust it.  So I took Ngaire out for a brisk walk.  We are weighing her down with water bottles in her backpack to give her some much needed exercise.  Cesar says to give a working dog like a German Shepard a job to do.  So I sure hope she likes her job.  :-)

Do you think they are liking the new carpet?  Sigh....I'm going to have to vacuum again.


Lynn said...

Fun tour of your sewing room. You have atahat nice window in there, can you see the pond from it? you've created a perfect place to sew! 71 today! I feel guilty that the rest of the country is having such intense winter weather. Actually no I don't I'm going to enjoy the warmth today, let's hope the sun comes out!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

What a gorgeous sewing room! Good job. I have never seen anyone mount a picture of their quilt beneath the ribbon- what a great idea!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You have a gorgeous space, if it's anything like mine it won't stay picture perfect for long! Ha!! Well done, congrats on all your ribbons. I'd say that you're quite comfy in your kitchen, like it or not! ;)

Bonnie said...

You have been one busy lady. I love your studio. It is so light and airy. And, walls .... I'm in a room over a garage with half walls because the pitch of the roof. Not my idea of wonderful but it works...

How did The Tramp mount what looks like cork? We recently bought something like that but its mounted with double sided tape and it isn't staying up. Bummer.