Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Wednesday

Not for any special reason, but Happy Wednesday everyone! I guess I'm feeling "up" because I finally got my hair cut. Nice And Short. Short, short, short. :D

Cinnamon toast...the best in comfort food!

She's done!
I finished Sherry Goshen's The Charmed One this morning. She's a strange sort of way. I'm so glad I did the class. It's a great way to discover/play with new materials and techniques. So even if the final product isn't museum quality (LOL) getting there is lots of fun.

I need to make a light box for taking photos of dolls and things. I checked out a bunch of tutorials for making them but now need to actually do it!!!

On the weekend The Tramp put up some more shelves for me. The previous owner used this large powder room as a dressing room for her photography business. It would be nice of course to divide it into a small powder room and a large closet. But shelves are good. :) That isn't a vanity, it's kitchen cabinetry, which takes up a lot of unnecessary space.

And a place for my toolbox and drill! :) Much better than on the sewing room floor.
I also figured out that I could use an otherwise useless file stand for my rulers and templates. I love this kind of stuff, it makes me feel so smug and clever. LOL
I also discovered that it would really really Smart To Close The Windows when The Tramp is mowing the lawn with the Big Orange Beast. It's so dry and dusty. The dirt blew far into the house. Ewwwww!
And dirt got all over my new toy. :(

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meggie said...

Love the doll! Well done!
You have a lot more storage space than I do. I need more shelves & more cupboards.