Thursday, October 11, 2007

This and That and UFOs

At the ER they gave me a prescription for Valium and I have to say it's been helping me sleep! We're all feeling better. I still have the dilemma that it hurts to wear a bra and hurts not to. LOL It's always the small things that pose the biggest problems. :)

Anyway... We are going back out to buy a new car today. It's Dad's car that was totaled but it's caused The Tramp and I to evaluate the cars we drive. We love our little MR2's but I don't think they are safe cars for commuting. The Tramp is driving an hour each way and it just isn't worth the risk. So today we are trading in the Saturn Vue for a used Lexus. I'm not sorry to see the Saturn go, I never was emotionally attached to it. On the other hand, I was very much attached to the Taurus wagon that the Saturn replaced so we are looking around for another one for me to use. It's more comfortable, more practical for driving Mom and Dad around in and also has room for dogs and cargo.

Ok...enough about cars!!! On the fateful day, Friday, we had a lovely trip up to Wake Forest to check out a store called Quilts Like Crazy & Knits Too. What a nice store! and the staff was so helpful.

I bought fabrics for the bag pattern I got recently. I had the butterflies in my stash and needed some yummy stuff to go with it.

I also have this Stargazey Heartz quilt that I've been hating since I started it. I bought new border fabrics and I'm beginning to see the possibilities. Mom picked off the old border for me while sitting at the hospital and I can't wait to get the new one on.

This quilt top has been around for so many years. I made it in a class given by..... Arrrggh. I can't remember her name! Sadly she is no longer with us. And I can't find the instructions. It was a very cool way of putting the blocks together. Anyway, it never had a border so we bought fabrics for this too.

BUT...the baby quilt and a few other things have to be finished first! :)


meggie said...

So many lovely projects there! You certainly keep busy busy!
Look forward to seeing some finishes.

Beth said...

Isn't that a Hunter Star? Very pretty!