Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Show Your Jugs"

Isabelle has issued a challenge. Now I would call them pitchers, not jugs, but semantics aside, here they are. :)
Sorry, not the best photo. I have more jugs/pitchers, but they don't fit on the mantel. The big one in the middle is quite big and was a wonderful gift from wonderful friends I left behind in New Jersey. Some of the others are from my mom's ironstone collection.

And speaking of "jugs" and the possible risque nature of the challenge, Eldest D, on our recent shopping excursion took a photo of me and Mom that we dubbed the "bosom shot". It isn't really, but as she moved closer and closer in with the camera we were sure that's what the camera was seeing and had a really good laugh over it. What this photo does show me is that I REALLY REALLY need to get a better haircut! Yikes!


Sharon said...

Well maybe I'll just have to show MY JUGS too!!! LOL!!!!

meggie said...

Jugs abound!! haha.
I loved your jugs on the mantel. I dont have any jugs, of the ceramic type, but I have some teapots. I wonder if they count?

Isabelle said...

Yes, Meggie, teapots definitely count. I hate to admit it but I have a (small) collection of those too.

Thanks for taking up the challenge, by the way. As far as I know, you're the only one who has so far (but I've been horribly busy since issuing it and haven't had much time to check).

Pitchers, eh? I didn't know that we had different words for them.

The Tramp said...

Fine jugs there too ;-)