Friday, October 19, 2007

Never underestimate

the benefits of narcotics! That's what I was doing. The last two days have been hugely better than the last two weeks since I took the advice Mom and Dad's doctor gave them. Narcotics at night and mega-doses of Ibuprofen during the day. I wasn't being a martyr....really!!! I just didn't realize! The surgery was a breeze compared to this!!!

So life is happier. In no particular order....

Happiness #1) The Avalon is now mine/ours. *happy dance* And a dream to drive. We picked it up and turned in the Saturn yesterday afternoon.

Happiness #2) It's raining!!

Happiness #3) I'm picking up Middle Daughter from the airport this morning! :)

Happiness #4) Mom and I went to our first meeting at the Capital Quilters Guild last night and we had a great time! It's a large and lively group. We were greeted with enthusiasm and got to wear very conspicuous visitor tags so everyone went out of their way to say welcome. We decided to sign up and become members on the spot! The program speaker was Gail Garber. Wow. Her talk, her slides and her quilts were fascinating. Too bad we aren't able to go to her workshops today and tomorrow. Check out her Gallery of Quilts and be dazzled!

There was a long but highly organized line of show and tell items which were wonderful. We also took Quilts for Kids packets and will make quilts that are donated to Rex and WakeMed hospitals' neonatal intensive care units (they need hundreds!) We joined the Block Party and Holiday Block Party. There were drawings for prizes for everything from a door prize to prizes for wearing quilted name tags. Drawings from the names of those who turned in the different types of charity quilts and more. Fun, fun, fun.

The next step is to find a local quilting "bee" group to join. But time enough for that phone call next week.

Rushing now to get to the airport on time. Photos of all the goodies later!

Hugs to all!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Love your blog! Get any rain today???

dot said...

Yes sometimes drugs can be our friends. I like the book cover. I hope to see one of these beauties made by you.

JudiA said...

Sleep and REAL rest... the best medicine of all, no matter how achieved. I'm so glad you found a way! I miss my guild days ... I can live them over again through your descriptions -- thanks for sharing!


PaMdora said...

good you fot the other car. I didn't realize it at first, but you had to get a new one because of a wreck? Yikes, glad you're getting better.