Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just another Thursday...maybe not!

We have a 20% chance of rain today...but the sun is out...sigh. And it's HOT. I haven't gotten used to this climate yet. It's October, and I had to put the air conditioning on today! Yikes! In New Jersey early October is when you pull down the storm windows and turn the furnace on for heat. Sheesh!

This has been a good week. Look what I got! A goody came in the mail yesterday, from Sharon. She apologized for taking so long to get it in the mail but it really wasn't! I guess when you're so busy partying...... ;)
And look what my mommy made me! I'm such a lucky girl! Isn't it wonderful. On a stretcher frame and everything! Yes it's crooked. It's just balanced there for now. We've got to get 10 feet up to put the nails in the wall! I can tell Zelda approves of the location. It coordinates with her outfit. LOL
That wall hanging was meant to be a mate to this one, for my office in New Jersey.
There was mention of a third one which I'm not sure is happening. That's just fine. I'm feeling plenty rich with color already! :) Thanks Mom!

Also this week I unearthed this WIP quilt top.
It's Stargazey Heartz from Stargazey Quilts. I bought it as a "pattern plus" from Keepsake Quilting probably almost 10 years ago. Wait a minute....the receipt is still in the envelope....October 2000. I was disappointed with the background fabric and felt it wasn't the same as what was pictured in the catalog. It's very orange (not my color) and the greens are icky muddy. But I put it together anyway and have made two false starts quilting it. I ripped it all out again yesterday and am going to have a shot at machine quilting it. It's actually quite striking in the photo, isn't it. I may have to revise my opinion of it. We'll see.

The Stealth Dog likes to curl up in a little space under the counter I sit at in my study. For all her height she's very narrow and has no trouble squeezing in between the shredder and the speaker. As usual it's hard to get a decent photo of her. Made even harder by the fact that she will get up and move if I get up to take the photo at a better angle! At least her teeth and eyes show a bit. :)

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meggie said...

I love your quilts from your mother. The bright colours are wonderful!!
Tell Ngaire she is just beautiful, & I would love to see more photos of her- I'm sure she will oblige!LOL.