Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This morning

I'm going to work out in the yard. It's gorgeous and cool and the yard could certainly use the attention! When we got here in June it was too hot, and there were way too many mosquitoes. In July it was too hot. In August it was too hot. In September it was recovery from surgery. In October it was recovery from a car crash. I've run out of excuses (may it stay that way!). There are branches down from the recent storms, pecans, leaves, dead flower baskets, WEEDS, putting away the hose...all that good stuff. And I may even put up a few lights for Halloween. :)

Hmmmm....lets see how far I get.


meggie said...

I think I am glad we just had Guy Fawkes night, & no Halloween- ever!

Ask the Tramp about Guy Fawkes- he might be too young, as Judy Penridge campaigned to get fireworks banned.

PaMdora said...

This is hilarious! Looks like you had a good halloween too, and lots of fun shopping afterwards.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wheee, I love the grave and skeleton