Monday, October 8, 2007

Each day a little better

No new photos from my camera. You'll understand if I don't feel like posting photos of the smashed up cars or views of people in hospital gowns.

But much was accomplished today. I spent pretty much the whole time from 8am to noon talking on the phone. First one insurance company then the other, back to the first and back again. I made a follow-up doctor appointment for myself and changed some of Mom and Dad's appointments to next week. Dad is in a regular room now and doing so well we figure he'll be home in a day or two!

I also called the church at the site of the car crash to ask after the driver of the other car. We were pleased to be told that he is recovering. He is somewhere in the same hospital as Dad and may even have been in the same ICU but we aren't interested in disturbing him or his family. They feel bad enough already and have their own issues to worry about. I only asked the church secretary to pass on our best wishes for his recovery.

Mom and I stopped at the body shop where the car was towed to retrieve the tags and papers and a few personal items we forgot at the crash site. The insurance adjuster was there when we arrived and told us, much to our relief, that the car is a total loss. I'm now waiting for the "total loss adjuster" to call me. From the state troopers, the staffs at the two hospitals, to the reps from both insurance companies I have to say that everyone we've had to deal with has been exceptionally concerned, pleasant and helpful. I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to say that.

Dad is now unhooked from most of the tubing and machinery and when we left today was only wearing a wireless heart monitor. He is scheduled for another test on his heart tomorrow and if that's clear he should be coming home soon. The change from how incapacitated and in danger he was on Friday night to how he is today seems a true miracle.

So take some time to go hug the ones you love. You just never know.


JudiA said...

What good news Katie, and so good to hear. I hope all continues well for you and your folks, and thanks for the reminder!


Nan said...

I'm so happy to hear your dad is going to be okay! I'm glad you and your mom are doing well, too! It makes you stop and think about life, doesn't it? How precious it really is.
Thank you for the reminder, Katie!

Jane Weston said...

That's good news. I'm glad your Dad is feeling better and that you've had such helpful people to deal with all the paper work.