Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today is doctor day. Yay. Hopefully all is well and she will clear me to drive.

I spent yesterday cutting strips and starting a quilt for the grandson. Winnie the Pooh is their theme. I had a few false starts but finally got back into the swing of sewing the strips. If you had seen me struggle you would never believe I've made two of these before. LOL The nice thing about it is it's a "quilt as you go" quilt so it can stand whatever treatment a kid puts it through.

Then I worked on The Charmed One (Sherry Goshen). She now has the cording around the Altoid tin base, Paperclay ears and a final coat of gesso. My first attemp at gluing her to her tin was a bit of a disaster, she had a serious forward lean. So last night I squirted in more glue and tied her down tight. Much better! I can't wait for the gesso to dry so I can start painting.

She's going to need a name. Hmmmmm.....


meggie said...

You must be feeling better, anyway, hope so.
Goodness, I cant wait to see the end result of this figure!

The Tramp said...