Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Excursion Day

Mom, Eldest D and I had great fun at a wire-working class on Saturday at the Carolina Bead Co. so were fired up to find more local bead shops. So Monday was excursion day. On the way we stopped at some sewing stores as well. We managed to fit in seven shops, though one was closed darn it. Three were bead and four were "sewing". We still haven't found the quilting shop of our dreams as so far JoAnn has the biggest selection of cottons I've seen around here. I don't know about the store that was closed, but two were mostly dedicated to machines and the third had a nice but not huge selection. I did find lots of Amy Butler patterns and like-minded stuff though. I bought a bag pattern at one store and a wallet pattern...from the another. (I need to take a photo.)

By accident we found Flame Kissed Beads. I hadn't put it on our itinerary, not realizing where it was. Nice store!

AND we were very pleased to discover they have a selection of Myuki Delicas which Mom prefers to use. These are some of her wonderful amulet bags and necklaces.
In between we browsed through a pet store (Eldest D can't pass one without going in) and met Arnie the blue and gold macaw. He gave us lots of kisses and said hello.

We also like Beadazzled.
Grrrr....look at her....why can't I still be that slender??? Sigh.
Finally we went home to collapse for a while. The Tramp treated us to dinner at Golden Corral. We figured at least it was some place Eldest D couldn't go to in New Jersey. We refused to take her to any chain restaurants she recognized. :)
I just got a text that her plane landed in NJ. Bye honey. I miss you already.


Sharon said...

Katie, I mailed your package today. It's on the way. WOO HOO sorry I didn't get it out until today but I had good intentions. I hope you enjoy it!!

meggie said...

Lovely pics Katie. Your daughter is lovely & slim. Sigh... I remember that too!

Doe said...

Hmmm, shopping. One of the many things I love, love, love to do. tee-hee!