Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Really I'm only confined if there's no one around to drive me where I have a yen to go. So I have to wait until tomorrow to go to JoAnn's. Hardship!!! LOL I'm moving pretty slowly and get tired quickly but I think a fabric store could get me moving, no problem. :)

Confinement isn't so bad really. My sewing room beckons. It's on the "hot" side of the house so I was really glad to get some curtains up a week or so ago. The windows have a film on them but I still need to add something heavier than the lace balloon shades.

I've been working on Christine Shively's Extraordinary Chair. It still needs wings, tassels and trims but it's coming along. I think I need to trim some of that blue feather boa stuff. It's just a bit overwhelming!

The wings waiting for some stitching detail.

It's so nice to be making a mess again!

Small dog has to be confined when I'm in here...sigh. I can't trust her on the carpet. Of course she would be curled up in some soft spot asleep anyway (her crate most likely in fact) so I don't know why it's worrying me.

Unfinished projects abound. There are at least three dolls and quilts in this pile. One of them is the Winnie the Pooh baby quilt for unborn grandson. I need more fabrics, hence the wish for a trip to JoAnn.

Let's see, a quilt top, fabric for a dog bed (like she needs another one!), pieced bag, and about six doll patterns in bags with fabric. And these are the projects that aren't put away in boxes and bins.

And The Tramp has sweetly provided a new toy to keep me company. Flat screen with built in DVD player. So I have no excuses not to get busy!


Dixie Redmond said...

The Tramp seems pretty nice ;-). You seem to have a good attitude about confinement. I'm confined in my own life (I have a special needs child) and I don't always have a great attitude about it.

meggie said...

Thanks for the peek into your play room! All looking very interesting. Love that chair.
Glad you are feeling a little better each day.

Sharon-NZ said...

Wow love the pics of your room, thanks for sharing. The chair looks fabulous, cannot wait to see it finished

hugs Sharon-nz

PaMdora said...

Sorry about your confinment, but your studio looks like a lot of fun!