Friday, September 14, 2007


I got a clean bill of health from the doctor on Tuesday though she said I should be at about 50% of my normal strength. Judging by how easy it is for me to "overdo it", I think she was quite right. Since I'm now allowed to drive I of course went out on Wednesday. I went to the bank (drive-thru), the post office (drive-thru), the pharmacy (drive-thru) and took a bottle of rum to Mom (also drive-thru). (The rum is for Christmas Pudding.) Then I took a slow walk around Walmart. I'm not sure what tired me the most, driving or walking, but I paid for it! Yesterday had to be a day of rest.

So I spent most of the day in My Sandbox. I worked on the grandson quilt.

I painted over The Charmed One twice, since the first go round with crackle medium was a nasty mess! She also now has "flesh".

Ngaire keeps a close watch on me. She's established "her" spot under my work table. Now if I could just get the little one to do that....

So of course today I decided to venture out again. (and now I'm sitting here paying for it...sigh) I bought a new knitting book since the first baby afghan was pretty disasterous. I've ripped it out twice and have lost my enthusiasm for it. This book has afghans that require chunkier yarns and needles which is just what I need right now. :)

I drooled over these books but put them back on the rack like a good girl. Christmas is coming I keep telling myself...sigh. I do have Kaleidoscopes & Quilts by the same author as the Puzzle book already and I should actually use it. I also have to keep in mind my bins of UFO's! It's a struggle! LOL

Yesterday I notice that I have Morning Glories in the garden! They've grown up and joined this hanging basket. I guess since I water the baskets every day the long dormant seed got enough water splashed on it to germinate. Everything else that might be in the garden is all dried up from the heat and drought.

These baskets are getting a bit beyond it but it's still nice to have the color. :)

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meggie said...

Glad youre feeling better. Dont overdo it!!
Love those morning glories, how pretty they are.