Sunday, September 9, 2007


I finished something! My Extraordinary Chair (Christine Shively pattern) is done.

Then I started on Sherry Goshen's Charmed doll. My hands were sooooo tired from turning the canvas (read - yanking with pliers) and stuffing it firm, and sewing the head to the neck. But I got it done. Phew! She's now gluing to her Altoid box. It took four hands to get the rubber bands on. Thank goodness I was doing it when The Tramp was home to lend his. I had given the feather boa on the chair a serious haircut and the bits of feather are EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness the canvas is thick because Charmed has bits of blue feather all through her stuffing!

The arms have the armature in them but definitely need some stuffing. I was watching (mostly listening to) Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday and they remind me very much of the disembodied pirate arm in the movie. LOL

I also sewed a blouse but I'm so out of practice I'm not going to take a photo of it. It's lousy fabric too. It's hard to iron and it shrunk width-wise and I had to piece one of the sleeves to get it out of the fabric. Sigh.

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