Sunday, September 2, 2007


...for the good wishes. Having my ups and downs. Today started as a definite down but things are looking up this afternoon. The poor Tramp has a nasty cold so we are appreciating each other from afar. A lazy Labor Day.

The Peter Frampton concert was really great. The man knows how to work a crowd.
We were, however, not used to the atmosphere in this venue. If you read the description it's hard to understand why they treat it like a sports arena. I couldn't help comparing it to the similar NJPAC in Newark, NJ, where I've attended lots of shows and concerts. Yes they serve drinks at NJPAC but you aren't allowed to bring anything into the concert halls themselves. Here, it was like going to a ball game. People were constantly getting up and down and going back and forth, stepping on your feet and blocking your view, for beer and drinks. The floor was sticky too...not surprisingly. Ick. What a shame.

The two drunk guys sitting in front of us were funny in a sad sort of way. Hard to figure out why they spent their money and bothered to come. They were so focussed on themselves. Part of the time they were downright annoying. It was a bit of a challenge at times to ignore them and just enjoy the show.

Two of Peter's band were local Raleighites so we got to cheer loudly for them. :) And of course afterwards we bought a DVD and CD and The Tramp bought a t-shirt. I'm really glad we went!

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PaMdora said...

Boy I used to love Peter Frampton, but I have listened to him lately. It's great to see artists that you remember and like, stilling kicking up a storm. Hope you had a great time!