Saturday, September 29, 2007

The light at the end of the tunnel... of the tunnels anyway. Yesterday I busted my butt finishing up the painting in my study. There are counters and cabinets on four sides, and upper shelving on three sides. I moved my cutting table into the middle and have started to sort stuff. What a mess...
This was the last room I worked on with paint brush and roller. I was so exhausted after six days on the scaffold that I quit this room half way down.
The window frame and baseboard aren't done but I'm happy to say the rest is! I bought some of these plastic drawers for fabric scraps.
They fit perfectly on these shelves. This was the production room for the former owner's photography business. The shelves are wonderful. I sure can't complain that we don't have enough. They were built by the former owner who said she would leave them if we were going to use them. We were ecstatic! Now I just have to get things onto them. The top shelves are empty because they are so high I had to buy a step stool to keep handy. Now I can fill them up! :)

When the painting was done I got out the Oxi Clean and had a go at the counters. I'm not fond of their yellowey color but at least they are clean and almost like new.
The lower cabinets aren't quite as useful as they could be. There aren't any shelves or dividers in them and half of the "drawers" are just false fronts. Eventually we'll make them better. The next job is to try cleaning the carpet. You can see the dirty ring where an office chair was. I'd love to put down tile but that can wait.

We stopped at the thrift store with Eldest D the other day and I was thrilled to find this rocker, including the nice cushions. A bargain at $38!
It's just what I wanted for a corner of my sewing room!

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meggie said...

I love that rocker! I wanted one, but now, we really dont have the space for one. I also like the shelves on the wall. I am after some for my sewing room...