Monday, October 13, 2014

Nice weekend

She knows her mother well. Look what ED found for me at a local book sale!  

I'm a compulsive M&M sorter.  The Viking and I will have fun with this book. He loves M&Ms too and is very good at naming their colors. 

I doubt he's interested in sorting them into sets yet....but the time will come. :-)

Saturday was a blueberry scone type of morning. And for a quilty touch, I had my tea in a Karen Eckmeier mug.  :-)

It was supposed to rain but the sun peeped through and there was no excuse not to give the garage a fall cleaning. 

Better. Not perfect, but better.

Today the sewing machines had a party. I spent some time testing out how each of them behaved on a free motion quilting sample. It also illustrated how out of practice I am!

But The Viking now has a pillowcase for nap times. Trrrru-CK!

And this one is to go with his baby quilt. Not too late is it?  He only just had his second birthday!

This evening I continued to take this very fragile quilt apart for a friend. We are hoping to put some of the unshredded blocks together in a small wall hanging for her bedroom. The original quilt was made by her grandmother and given to her when she got married back in the 1950s. The prints are from clothing and I just love it!

Bedtime. The crickets are chirping. :-)


Chookyblue...... said...

great book..........

Melody said...

You have certainly got some cute little boys in your life. Love your sewing.