Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kodak moments

The pillowcase I made last weekend was put to good use this week. The funny part is he didn't even see it!  He fell asleep as the car pulled in the driveway and I managed to slip him onto the pillow next to his "baby" without waking him up.  He mumbled a few words, turned his head to mirror the doll and that was it.  You know that I had to take a picture. 😊

The Kodak moments are frequent these days. His mother sent me this photo.  She left the room to get him a drink and came back to this!  He looks entirely too comfortable with her laptop. I love it!  No worries, he can't get past the login screen.  Yet.

So when I got him down for his nap the other day, it was time to start basting this quilt Mom and I have been working on. 

Wait a minute!  The floor is wet!  Dogs maybe?

Nope. My jacket is wet too. What the???

Oh @&$%#!  Rain water coming in around the ceiling fan. Arrrggghhhhh!  Not on the quilt at least.  Thank goodness for that!

On Friday The Viking and I dropped my bicycle off at the bike shop. Well!  He was sooooo excited. All those wheels!!  

And a train table. Yowza. I was in danger of having to spend the afternoon there. 😃

Today The Tramp and I spent a few minutes down at the pond feeding a bit of stale bread the turtles. Well it started with turtles.  Then the channel catfish showed up.  Wow. Voracious and aggressive.  Didn't bother the turtles too much though.  

Basting done!  Yay!  Yep. That's Bing, Dean and Frank on the TV.  The Tramp does his best to keep me amused while I prick my fingers. ☺️

Last up is this new photo of The Prince.  Love those bright eyes!  


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Lovely to catch up on your news! The kids are adorable.. Hope you managed to get the leak fixed.. ((hugs))

Jenny said...

Lovely photos of your darlings - so cute.

Who are you making that wonderful fishy quilt for? One of the grandies perhaps?