Friday, October 10, 2014

Decluttering. Uncluttering?

Today was a fun day.  The Viking and I started with a morning walk. How cute is this! :-)

Today was one of those days he insisted on wearing his "eyes."  Indoors as well as out.  He also showed up this morning with a new "baby."  He's completely obsessed with trucks at the moment (trrruCK!) so these large utility vehicles were a wonderful surprise. He gasped and went WOW as we turned the corner. :-)

When he got tired of riding.....

Making sure Baby got enough laps around the pond was VERY serious business. :-)

Old McDonald was the theme of library storytime so the stamps today were horses.  He was very pleased. 

And even though we were sleepy after a busy morning and lunch with Nanny and Papa.....

The lure of trucks and sand couldn't be denied!

But nap time came and it gave me an opportunity to give baby a bath and a sun bathe. 

THEN, I could get busy having a sort out in The Sandbox. Peanelope has finally been finished and delivered to the state fair. Yay!  The pea plant I was working on came out cute enough, but it just wasn't right for the scene so I put it aside and declared her done. Wednesday was a gorgeous day so 'Nelope and I went out on the deck for a photo shoot.  

Once I convinced the dogs that I didn't need their presence in the photos, I proved once again I really do need to improve my camera skills.  But here she is. 

When I was trying to figure out what to do about the pea plant, The Tramp suggested she could use a stool. Maybe bed steps would be fun!  But for now she is just fine.  I've cleaned all the glitter and trims off the cutting table and tomorrow I can begin to get on with something else. After the garage gets its fall cleaning.....darn it. 


Jenny said...

So.... a fun day was had by all, including Nana.

Jenny said...

PS: Love that dinky little pot of peas!!

Bonnie said...

Looks like you guys had a full day on the move. Peanelope is darling. I've been so busy recently I haven't been looking at many blogs. Looks like you have had some great days.