Saturday, February 8, 2014


Recently it seems like we are running in place.  Doing lots but not getting anything done.  Standing still, kinda like these mannequins.  That's Stardust posing at the mall.  What a hoot!  :-)

T-shirt quilts are moving through after a very short lull.  Graduation season will be here before we know it.

I joined the Dear Jane club at Wish Upon a Quilt.  I bought the software years ago and it's high time I got started, don't you think?  I'm using my own fabrics.  Ten blocks are done.  I need to get a photo of the whole set.

The blue sofa broke at Christmas and we found this sweet floral number on craigslist.  Turns out we knew the seller too.  One of those "small world" moments.  It's much more in scale with the living room and much more my style.  The kids tell me it's an "old people's" sofa.  LOL  All of our books were housed in our bedroom and I have been anxious to get some of them out.  So we found bookcases on craigslist too.  :-)

So of course this meant weeding through the book collection, disassembling and moving bookshelves, and a major dusting session in the bedrooom.

We forgot we hadn't painted the wall behind the shelving!!!  Duh!

After much exercise moving everything, the living room is a much cozier place.  Next job is to get the clock functioning again.

This little Viking gives everyone plenty of exercise.  ED and I took him to the park last week and after a long session of climbing up and down the wooden stairs he took off running and we had to hustle to keep up so he didn't fall down any slopes or run through the big mud wallows left over from the snow and rain.  Whew!  He jabbers away in his own language all day long and was very cute yelling to the other kids at the playground.  He's learned to say please and thank you (and no, of course) and here he is cheesing for the camera.

This is from dinnertime.  Clearly a very tiring day.  :-)

 And!  I am possibly beginning to get the hang of my fancy camera.  Finally.

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Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I love that pic of Stardust posing at the mall! Wonderful. I didn't realize that you were such a big fan of Lucy ... looks like a great collection. The sofa looks like the perfect size for that space. You can always cover it if the flowers aren't appealing after a while. But I think it looks nice next to the green gingham and that beautiful clock. :-)