Monday, February 10, 2014


This weekend was all about dirt.  Potting soil type dirt.  Not only did some of our few houseplants need a repotting but we decided that more green in the house would be good for everyone.  It's hopeful all the greenery will do it's job of scrubbing the air and adding oxygen.  :-)

Not having any place else to do it, all the dirty work took place at the kitchen sink.  I'm hoping The Tramp will put up some glass shelves in the kitchen window.  I don't think plants balanced on the cleaning wipes or taking up valuable counter space is a long term option!

Pardon the photo quality.  Quick snaps in the evening with a cell phone isn't the best way to show off photography prowess (assuming one has some!).  This pothos was reaching for the floor.  Don't ask me how, as it was still in it's original pot and had almost no decent soil left.  All fixed now.

The Thanksgiving cactus plants love the picture window and show it by growing.  This one really needed a new pot.

Now we have a whole window full of plants.  My dad made the bench a long time ago and Mom used it with her quilting frame for years.  Now it has a new life.  :-)  That's Ivy laying between the bench and the window.

This way she can pop up to look out the window and keep and eye on things.  I have no idea what she was staring at so intently.

A much happier room.  As long as my green thumb doesn't fail me of course.  :-)

We read the reports (and watched the TED talk) that you should have lots of sansevieria in your bedroom to boost the oxygen that gets depleted at night.  With five of us breathing in there it seemed like a good idea!  The recent moving of the bookcases gave the perfect location under each window and cheers the room up too. cheers me up anyway.  :-)

The bears and bunnies don't mind either.

 To add to the excitement it seemed time to make Ngaire's bed a new cover.  I hope The Tramp's choice of fleece cheers Ngaire up!  Hmmm.  Maisy's beds could use some stylin' too.

I was going to say.....  Because the kitchen floor was already filthy from the potting episode (almost 20 pots is very mess-making) today was a good day to make chop for Charlie.  Actually it was a good day to make chop because I had already bought the ingredients and Charlie was down to his last little baggie of chop from the batch I made over a year ago.  The fact that I make a tremendous mess in the process is besides the point.

The dogs love it though.  All the cooking, chopping and mixing means plenty of bits knocked to the floor for them to find.  Let's see.  I cooked amaranth, quinoa, wild rice mix, bulgur and 13 bean mix.  There is oatmeal, two whole cereal mixes, oat groats, peas, coconut, carrots, sweet potato, kale, corn, edamame, ginger, sugar snap peas, turnip greens, radishes and tops, broccoli rabe, various hot peppers, hot pepper flakes, chia seed, celery, hemp, parsley......and other stuff.

After his long workday The Tramp was sweet enough to help me bag it all and get it into the freezer.

Another year's worth done.  Phew.  You'd better like it Charlie!

So tomorrow I'll need to get the "dirt" off the kitchen floor.  I'm glad you can't see it!!  Of course it's supposed to be ugly weather for the next few days and 12 dog feet mean it won't be clean for very long.  Sigh.


Amanda said...

What a wonderfully productive day, and hopefully happy people, dogs and Charlie. I hadn't heard about plants in the bedroom being a good thing, I'll have to look it up.

Lynn said...

I admire you and your green thumb. My poor plants. I'll be cleaning floors today too followed by a trip to the dentist. I'd much rather be sewing!

Sharon said...

Your plants look great. I used to have over 40 houseplants when we lived in Northern Ca. I had them everywhere. Then we moved and I had to get rid of them. I loved having all the greenery. I'm slowly adding them into my house again.
That is a ton of food for Charlie. Lucky bird!! LOL