Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Yup.  Two posts in one month....in one week even.  Can you stand it!  :-)

I was so excited by today's sewing project (well yesterday's, I did finish before midnight!) I thought I would quickly post while I'm coming down from the high.  Tee hee.  I found or was pointed to (I can't remember!) this tutorial by Jennifer Jangles.  Rather than printing the tutorial out, I also got to prop up my iPad and follow along that way.  A small thing, but since I told The Tramp that's why I needed an iPad.....  ;-)

Aren't these scarves too cute?  The knit fabrics were chosen because it was pretty much all that JoAnn had to offer that I saw as suitible.  I had a great time browsing the trims.  It took me a while to dig through my stash for the fringe fabrics and I spent way too much time deciding where to place everything.  I finally told myself to "get over it" and got on with the sewing.  :-)

One for ED.

And one for me.

My crystal ball tells me there will be more.  :-)

Pretty soon I'm going to have to get back into t-shirt quilts but at the other sewing machine I've been plugging along on a Bonnie Hunter project, Blue Ridge Beauty, that's been languishing for several years.  It started as a leaders and enders thing but since the Juki has an automatic thread cutter I really don't need leaders and enders.  The bits were hanging around getting in my way so I decided to just get on with it.  Of course when I drag out a vintage machine I'll just have to find another leaders and enders project.  Heh.

It's not so fun or colorful as the scarves but in it's own way very satisfying work.   All the four patches and half-square triangles are done.

They are being turned into blocks.

And three rows are put together.  Pretty boring fabrics, but I cut them before I knew what I know now.  Still....worth finishing.

Bee tomorrow today and I'll be able to give ED her scarf at lunchtime.  Cool.  I'd better go rest up!


Amanda said...

The scarves are such fun. I've got that tutorial squirrelled away somewhere too. I love my iPad and use it for patterns and recipes all the time. Number Two Son bought me a stand for Christmas, with a stylus, so I can use it for recipes without getting my grubby fingers all over it.

Lynn said...

Cute scarves! I love the fringes and trim, fabrics, also so bright and happy. Perfect for a day like today!

Bonnie said...

those are so darn cute. Good for you for working on a UFO -- and one that you aren't thrilled with anymore. So, how about going for 3 posts a month! I am trying to up mine to twice a week. But, honestly, do I really have all that much to say that people would be interested in? I doubt it.