Monday, March 24, 2014


Despite the fact, at this moment, we just happen to be listening to the song, "Yesterday," on television, I'm trying to focus on today.  Family is telling me they are very tired of checking my blog and still seeing "Dirt."  Tee hee.

Therefore.  Since the very thought of catching up back to February is way too daunting I thought it would be best to deal with just one day at a time.  In other words, Today.  Well mostly.  (I am trying.  Really.)

So today was a day of haircutting, errands and lunch with Mom and Dad.....all with a major set of sore muscles.  (Whine, whine, moan, moan.)

I keep meaning to go out while the sun is shining and take a few photos of the flowering trees around the pond while they are looking their best.  And they are looking lovely!  I let time and sun get away from me again today so I snapped a few with my cell phone late this afternoon when we walked the dogs.  Just in case.  Who knows what they will look like if it really does snow tomorrow.  (Can you believe it??  Cue more whining.)

Some pink trees and the forsythia are out too, along with the daffodils.  I should really turn the top of that birdbath back over so it stops looking like a white toadstool!

As to the sore know....the kind that hurt more than they should when you sit down in a chair or especially that torture device called a toilet seat?  Ouch!

No matter how many "pretty" little things I decorate the yard with....

It's still a mess.  Ugh.  The topsoil has been washing away toward neighbor and pond since the house was built.  We aren't excited about the idea of a lawn so have made a start on a series of terraces/retaining walls.  We have no idea what we're doing so we're winging it.  Not without some differences of opinion of course.  :-)  What you don't know can't hurt you.  Right?  Right??  The Sailor Son came to help us get started with his handy dandy pickup truck and the retrieval of the first load of sixty blocks from Lowes.

On Sunday morning before the rains came we got this far.  Oh my.  That soil is solid clay.  Wet clay in fact.  I usually spend my time hiking from cutting table to sewing machine to ironing board and back,  lifting lovely delicate things like pins and scissors, not hand digging clay and placing 27lb blocks.  Hence my current trouble with stair climbing, bending, and needing to sit gingerly on round seats.  Yeesh!  :-D

About half of the sixty concrete blocks are still waiting.   Taunting me each time I open the front door.  (How did we manage to place them so they would grin at us so evilly??)

Fie on you evil concrete.  Tomorrow is all about sewing.  So there!

Maybe by next weekend I'll be sitting pretty on that round thingy again and ready to beat more concrete and clay into submission.  In the meantime......


Jenny said...

Poor Katie

Your delicate little hands are only used to sewing, cooking and cleaning. Not to such strenuous duties as digging and lifting heavy concrete blocks around. Bribe your big strong son with a delicious home cooked meal, and he may come and help your DH with all that heavy work.

Lynn said...

I've noticed too how pretty the flowering trees and bushes are all th sudden. We are trying again to plant a lawn, truck loads full of dirt. So it looks like no snow today. The only thing it looks like we need is sunglasses.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

My hubby bought more than five hundred concrete pavers yesterday to make a walkway for the mountain place. I think my job will be to fetch beers and make brownies...I hope!