Friday, February 17, 2012

It might as well be spring!

Today was a lovely day, warm enough for a very light jacket and smelling of spring.  It looks a bit grey in the photos but the sun was out much of the time.

Ngaire and I went for a walk this morning and I was amazed at all the flowers.  Camelia are in bloom here and there.

This large hawk or vulture was overhead during most of our walk.

Ngaire was sporting her new pink harness.  This one actually does seem to help stop her pulling so hard.

There were daffodils everywhere.


Cherry trees are in bloom too.


Don't know what these are either.  Both red and white.  And something blue in the background.

Something that looks like bells.  If I know the name, it escapes me at the moment.  :-)

I was SO thrilled to receive a surprise package from New Zealand yesterday!  Our friend Sue has been following my adventure with houses and sent me a bundle of NZ fabrics.  Woot!

So of course, before I even got dressed this morning I just had to sit down with my templates and cut into them.  My bin of house pieces is nice and full, but I'm sure it's only a fraction of what I'm going to need.  :-)  The fun goes on.......

I finished a large t-shirt quilt this afternoon.  I had five extra shirt pockets and patches to applique too.  It was a bit of a wrestling match getting it under the Bernina so I could buttonhole stitch around them, but aside from knocking a whole bunch of my tools on the floor in the process, it came out just fine.  On the floor next to the filing cabinets you can see the blue bags of t-shirt quilts lined up waiting for my attention.  And one is stacked on top of the printer, all prepped and ready to be sewn.

Another project I'm doing for Julianne is hand appliqueing the flowers on three dahlia blocks.  It took a bit of pondering and experimentation to figure out how to prep and sew the three dimensional petals but I think I've got it licked.  Stay tuned.  :-)

Bedtime for weary sewers!


Lorraine said...

certainly looks like Spring! Summer has come back to visit here for a have been busy in your sewing room! wish I could say the same!

Lynn said...

I think the one plant (pink and white) are lenten roses. And the white bush, I've always called a bridal's wreath, a spirea I think. Can you believe this, I need to start trimming my liriope before it starts to grow. I love the purple flower blocks, beautiful!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I agree with the Lenten Roses ID, also known as Helleborus. I think the low white clumpy plant is candytuft.