Saturday, February 4, 2012

For the birds

Today was a dull chilly icky rainy day.  A good day for ducks.  Or in our case....for the birds.  I was amazed at the crowds at our bird feeder this morning.  First, I sat down in the living room to give Charlie bird a little company and eat my breakfast.....which he happily climbed down to share.  :-)

Maisy is of course watching very closely as he eats his square of Chex.

Charlie climbed down even closer.

What's he after?

Tags!  They're shiny....and if you yank them around they rattle!

Maisy sat perfectly still.  Just her nose was quivering.  She only backed off after Charlie started tugging on her collar.  :-)

Knowing I needed to get going with a paint brush in the kitchen, it was very easy to get distracted by the rainy but feather-filled view out the front window.  I just snapped away, hoping for the best.  :-)

Mr. Bluebird

Mrs. Bluebird

White-breasted nuthatch


Mourning doves

House finches and mourning doves

White-breasted nuthatch


Brown-headed nuthatch and goldfinch


Yellow-rumped warbler

Can't get enough of those bluebirds.  :-)

A large red-bellied woodpecker with a gorgeous red head.  It kept flitting away so quickly!

It's a party!

As I painted the trim around the doors and windows I shivered and shivered since they had to be kept partly open.  I was somewhat compensated by being able to hear the birds all day long.  I was surprised because it was such an ugh day.  Tadaaaa!  First coat mostly done on the trim.  Bright and sunny.  I almost hate the thought of bringing furniture back in here.  You know what I mean?

The Tramp began to replace all the old outlets and switches with nice new white ones.  Yay!  We have so many switches (10) and outlets (6) in this one room it's a tangle remembering what goes with what.  And why in the world didn't they line them up?  Function over form I guess.

And The Tramp determined none of the outlets were GFCI!  Yikes!  So he's working on fixing that too, bless him.  :-)

It's a grand mess isn't it.  I can say with certainty, it's getting old.  Really old. 

Sigh.  Don't cha just love a man who polishes the stove top?  The rest of the place may be a train wreck, but the stove top shines like a mirror!  Hmmmmm.  I wonder how he feels about floors????  :-)


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow so many birds...I wish my feeder was that popular!

Jenny said...

Such beautiful birds, and so different from our native species down here in New Zealand.

Bonnie said...

Katie that series of photos of Charlie and the dog were wonderful. Your dog must be more patient than mine! Your kitchen looks great. Bright and sunny. we are soon to do a kitchen remodel ourselves. Not as involved as it could be but no doubt it will be a pain in the ...

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Your Maisy looks so much like my last dog, Maggy. We have tons of bluebirds here, but I have only seen them at the feeder once during a big snow. I guess they find plenty of bugs to eat.