Friday, February 3, 2012

".....all around the town....."

I did not work in the kitchen today.  My back needed a rest.  It still does, but what can you do?  Sigh. 

Not exactly the "wheels on the bus" but my car's wheels went round and round today.  The Tramp would like you to know we did not sing along.  Tee hee.  The sewing machine cabinet was delivered to Mom, the library, supermarket and Julianne were visited, and we got lucky at Home Depot and picked up some clearance light fixtures that I (possibly we) actually like (!).  In between I managed work on My Town and finished up seven more houses.  I've kind of got a system going now so I can plow through them pretty quickly.  Good thing, because I'm still behind.

#23  Love my little Stardust!  :-)

#24  Middle Daughter and Poyla have a wonderful house.  I took this picture when they were showing us around for the first time.  And they have a fish pond!  Though it's outside, not inside.  Heh.

#25  I love this pic of Grand #2 on a swing, he's enjoying it so much.  :-)  The roof and door fabrics are scraps from his tractor quilt.

#26  Luv my Sailor Son.

#27  Grand #1 dancing in his daddy's shirt.  I'm still trying to locate the scraps from his caterpillar quilt.  Hmmmmm.

#28  This house features a fab photo of our friend M with Trace Adkins!  Hard to see here but she's got a million megawatt smile.  Who wouldn't!

#29  K is for Katie.  :-)

Ok.  Taking my back to bed now.  Tomorrow will be a full day in the kitchen with a paintbrush.  We're really happy with how the room is turning out.  *happy dance*  And I can't wait to get the kitchen back into working order!


Lorraine said...

You are on a roll with your houses...looking good. You will be pleased (and so will your back)when the kitchen is finished. I am sure it will be with it......but will you stop there or keep going through other rooms??

Lynn said...

The grandkids are going to have so much fun with the house quilt when they come to visit, looking in all the doors and windows. You'll have to do another in a few years as they all get older!!
Hey - any tips for teaching our new rescue dog to walk on a leash without me losing and arm??