Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kitchen boogie?

Hmmmm.   As I sit here quietly minding my own business, I can't fail to notice that there are dogs in the room (waving the laptop around to get rid of the smell!).  It's positively evil.  Goodness gracious me.  I think I need to reconsider their diet again. 

Speaking of diets....  Patricia of Parrot Nation posted her new Chop video today.  It's a great way to see all the varieties of Chop people make for their birds.....and you can boogie to the Canned Heat while you're at it.  ;-)  Pat had requested photos, so I sent one of Charlie and a few of the two batches of Chop I've made for him so far.  Charlie shows up eating macaroni from a freshly made batch of Chop at 3:41, and the bags ready to go in the freezer and a bin of ready to be bagged Chop show up at 2:50, 3:49 and 4:37.   I gotta get me one of those "got chop?" t-shirts!  Don't you think?

Ok.  Enough of the fun stuff.  All day today was spent slaving boogieing in the mess kitchen.  While The Tramp started on the wall paint I put up the paintable wallpaper that will serve as our backsplash.  It's weird stuff to work with but in the end I managed to make a pretty good job of it.

When it's wet it looks like lace on the wall.  It's pretty transparent and you can see the old wallpaper and blemishes right through it.  Paint will take care of that I'm sure.

The last piece of wallpaper didn't even need to be trimmed.  It. Just. Fit.  How cool is that!  My angels were watching over me today.  :-)

Then we swathed everything we care about in plastic and got ready to tackle the popcorn ceiling.

Dogs were banished to the sunny back porch.  Not that Ngaire was pleased about it.  She stayed at the door trying to look pathetic but we took no notice.

As I start to paint each of these ceilings it never fails to amaze me how not white our ceilings are.  This ceiling was the easiest so far.  The popcorn actually stayed up there as I rolled (rollered?)!  A major victory in our war against the evil popcorn.  :->

So this is where we stand as of now.  Ceiling done, wallpaper drying, first coat on the walls.  Phew.

See how dark everything beyond the kitchen is?  Not for long.  Light, bright colors are going to invade this whole house.  I can't wait!

The ceiling still looks a bit diseased where we tried to patch the popcorn.  I may try to mess with it some more when the paint is completely dry.  Or I may not.  You gotta pick your battles, ya know?

Tomorrow I boogie at the sewing machine!  Yay!

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