Sunday, January 15, 2012

Demon wallpaper

Since our kitchen is scattered all over the first floor at the moment, before getting back to wallpaper removal I took a bit of time to have breakfast in the living room.  The window faces east and it's very pleasant at that time of day.

Yes, Fish has been displaced too.  At least he has a view.  :-)

Dog TV.

Mustn't miss the bird and squirrel show!

Maisy the Sphinx.   She loves a sunbeam!

Oops.  Commercial over, our show is back on.

Ngaire was mostly on duty in the kitchen, holding down the shreds of wet wallpaper for us.

Ugly isn't it. 

Really ugly.  Despairingly so.

But The Tramp worked hard at saving the day for me.  :-)  The holes are patched.  (We haven't sprayed the popcorn patching stuff yet.  An adventure for another day.....)

Yep Charlie.  The view has definitely changed.  I think it's going to be a while before we can say, "for the better".  Oh well.  The Tramp says a change is as good as a rest.   Hmmmmm.  If you're not stripping wallpaper maybe.

And look!  The first bit of skim-coating above the door.  What an improvement!  Always have faith in your Tramp.  :-)

No sewing today.  Doing some Photoshopping and quilt labels this evening.  If I stop writing of course......

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Lynn said...

you've got some squirrel chasers! They seem very interested in what's going on outside.
I hate wallpaper put directly on the drywall, that happened in our old house and popcorn ceilings, why do they use those?