Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still tired

I've been so tired I even went to the doctor.  Sigh.  I don't want to be tired!  There's too much to do!  So to celebrate my tiredness I've been trying to get some stuff done around here.  I've still got two big quilts in the works for Patchwork Memories.  Sewing up a couple of aprons.  I've been building more little houses.  And yesterday we decided to fill our long weekend with a kitchen do-over.  Not a complete do-over.  Mostly cosmetic.  Anything to brighten the room up (and make me more tired).

First up....fabric and paper.  I'm all caught up!  15 houses done.  :-) 

We have a wintery nighttime house.  Not sure why that deer is inside, but to each his own I guess.  

The house of snowmen.  Oops.  Excuse me.  Snowpeople.  Anywho, not sure why they're inside either.

Next up is Kaffe Fasset meets Laurel Burch.  :-)

A house circa 1969 perhaps?

Nothing clever to say about this one.  I just think it's darned cute.

Oh oh.  I wonder what mess the Cat in the Hat's in now.

Hmmmm.  Waiting to wake everyone up at dawn are we?

Now children. Wave to Mother Goose.

I'm really liking the psychedelic houses! :-)   Oooooo.  Can I paint my house purple?  Huh?  Huh?  Can I?  Can I?  Pretty please....with sugar on top?

Chicken coop!  How'd that get in here???

The first thing we did today was list the kitchen set on Craigslist.  We decided there was no reason two people needed two dining tables mere steps from each other.  Most of the family is four-legged or feathered.  That's what we need room for.

Then kitchen reno commenced.  We decided to take down the cabinets hanging over the peninsula in the center of the kitchen.  Oddly enough, the only photo I have of them is this one taken during our house inspection before we bought.  As you can see, my little working U is not very big and the cabinets, despite the glass, hem one in.

It took a bit of doing to figure out how the cabinets were constructed so we could get them down.  But The Tramp was determined.

We were going to try to save the end cabinet but it turned out to be all one piece.  Oh well.

Wow!  The room just opened up without them!  Ooooo.  Can I have a TV in here now?  Can I?  Can I?  I'd actually be able to see it!  lol

Cool.  I won't have to peer through the cabinets or duck to see what Charlie or the dogs are doing.   (Or the TV.)  ;-)

Then it was time to tackle (*shudder*) the wallpaper.  Easy I thought/hoped.  Oh NO!  Under the wallpaper is primer and under that another layer of wallpaper.  Cripes!

And the builders certainly didn't care about what couldn't be seen.  We have big holes to fill too.....complicated by the evil popcorn.

Progress.....of a sort.

Urgh.  I think I'd better get a good night's sleep.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...nothing worse than feeling tired.

Has your house "building" inspired you for the real thing? The little houses are darling and the kitchen remodel looks fab too...look forward to seeing your new space.

Lynn said...

I love the blocks, they are all so cute, with the fussy cut doors and windows.
So many of the houses around here look similar inside: brown paneling, kitchen with the cabinet overhang. I took down ours and loved the result, smart move on your part.
Sorry to hear about your fatigue :(