Friday, January 27, 2012

Gray (Grey?)

The question has been asked.  Why did I use a gray background?  You want the long answer or the short one?  ;-)

Ummmmm.   Because I could?  :-)  Kind of.  Well no.  Not quite.  Maybe.  I suspect I was using a very labor intensive method of sizing and placing photos, but since I'm a Photoshop novice, I went with what I could figure out that worked!  After laboriously choosing them from the over 22,000 pictures I have in iPhoto (can you believe it???  my goodness!!!) I cropped and tweaked the photos in Photoshop.  In order to make some of them square I had to add to them rather than subtract.  Those strips on the edges of the photos were coming up bright yellow!  (you can see it on the left page, second row, second picture)  I struggled to remove the yellow and after some gnashing of teeth I managed to change it to white.  (separate strip, second photo)  I finally figured out how to color it a more neutral gray.  (sewing machine photo in the last house)  Yippee!  Of course I have no idea how I did it.  Heh.

Then I placed the photos into an InDesign document.  That, I know how to use.  The house window is 20mm x 20mm.  I sized the pictures down to 22mm x 22mm, but I was still worried about white showing at the edges so I made the page background gray.  Also probably.....because I knew how!  

I treated fabric with Bubble Jet Set etc and printed it all out along with some quilt labels.  The quality of the photos?  Eh.  Not so great.  (the labels were beautiful!) But who cares, right?  It's for fun!

End conclusion:  I really didn't need the gray, the extra mm around the photo was plenty to keep white from showing, especially as this is foundation piecing.  Also, if I print any more I'm going to go back to printing on my nice Moda muslin and see if the details show up better.

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beaquilter said...

wow, thanks for answering that. you should have been able to CROP the pictures instead, but I like your method :-)
( I have photoshop too and have used it for year- a little more than a novice) now what fabric sheets did you use?