Friday, January 27, 2012


Is nearly over!  How did that happen???  Sheesh! 

Work has come to a standstill in the kitchen.  I have the most horrible feeling we didn't do enough to prep the woodwork for painting and may decide to do some serious sanding this weekend.  (Sigh) 

In the meantime we work around the mess feeding the dogs, baking bread, and general cooking.  Awkward, but doable, though the disruption everywhere is starting to get to me. 

To ease my frustration with the rest of the house I did some serious clean up in The Sandbox this week.  I finished this apron too.  :-)

I hadn't been sewing the little houses for at least a week because I was working on this project.  Cropping, resizing and printing family photos on fabric to go in little house windows and doors.  It took days, but now I have some to play with!

And play I did.   House #16.  The Tramp makes no excuses, his favorite color is hot pink.  He loves how it discomfits people that he has a pink cover on his cell phone!  So he gets a pink house.  :-) 

The photo I used is one of these.  Yep.  That's a wolf.  A real 100% wolf.  And it's in an enclosure during a festival on the town green in New Jersey.  Gulp.  It was a wolf and wolf-dog rescue group trying to raise awareness of how wolves and wolf-dogs are not pets.

How amazing is that.  The wolf-dogs were a bit smaller but this guy was huge.   Very tall, with immense feet (by way of comparison, look at The Tramp's size 13/14 foot)...and look at the size of his head!  Holy cow.  I actually went in there to take the pictures!

Ok, he says.  I'm done.  Photo shoot over.

House #17.  What's a house without a sewing machine???? 

And how cool is this!  Yesterday I discovered my church back in New Jersey spotted the houses on my weblog and decided to make a house quilt to go with "The Blessing of Housing" project.  Wow.  What a neat Lenten mission.  They are raising money to support an IHN family for one year, and want to give the family a quilt made with love as well.  They are making the houses double the size of the original pattern.  I made one this evening.  I'm so used to working on the little bitty ones this one seemed so big and clunky to sew.  But it came out just fine and I'd like to make a few more.  I'm just smiling all over about the whole thing!  Thank you Jeanneke and Jantine!

Lastly, we received a few grandchildren photos this week.  The boys have new raincoats and The Sailor Son snapped a few quick pictures with his cell phone.  The pirate and the firefighter.  Too cute.

I guess it was a long day!

And this is Stardust getting ready for her first outing in the snow.  :-)  We are promised her nine-month pictures this weekend.  I can't wait!

Off to bed for me.....


beaquilter said...

great houses! LOVE LOVE the idea. is there a reason why you printed grey around each picture when you can't see it in the house block?
my son was JUST reading about wolves the other day.....

Bonnie said...

great houses! fantastic idea... I have the pattern but haven't thought of adding pictures nor even started any. And, please answer the question about the grey for everyone to see. I'm guessing it will give you a 1/4" for the seam...

Argh -- seeing your kitchen makes me cringe -- we may be starting a big kitchen overhaul in the next few months. YUCK But the alternative is the kitchen we have which I would really love to be updated.

Your grands look so darn cute!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your house blocks are wonderful!

Love the pictures of the DD2 loves them and was thrilled to see your pictures.

Lynn said...

Cute pictures of the grandkids. Love the houses and the picture blocks.

Jenny said...

Your little house blocks look great with the photos in the windows. What a clever idea.

And as for those wolves - wow! Huge, aren't they? Don't think I'd like to be a cage with them, with only a camera for protection.

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

I love the photos in the houses--great idea! That apron is darling too!