Monday, January 16, 2012


I don't think so.  (With all due respect to Martin Luther King, Jr.) 

Today Charlie directed work from The Tramp's shoulder....when he wasn't supervising from the top of his cage of course.

And I bit the bullet and started sanding and priming trim.   I knew if I started then I would be committed to a whole lot of work.  Sigh.  So well worth it though.  This is such a dark room but we can see the difference already!  Not that you can tell by this photo, taken at high noon even.  :-)  It was a cold day to work on an open window.  I used some towels to block the opening while the sash dried.  *shiver*  I also primed the remaining wallpaper that will be covered by backsplash.  I can't wait!

I asked The Tramp to remove the grungy old cat flap from the door to the garage.  Of course at the same time it was happening I was working on sanding and priming the inside of the door, and my feet froze!  lol  Oh, and there must have been an awful lot of cat dander caught in that flap because in a few minutes I was sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and sneezing.  Yeesh!

We are patched!  Thank you honey.  XXX  I need to fill the cracks and cover the purple but it sure is warmer in here now.  :-)

Resting up for tomorrow......

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