Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting back into the groove

Today is the first day of the new year as far as getting back into the routine is concerned.  I'm not feeling my "groove" yet, but I'm working on it!

The first groovy event of the day was receiving new photos of Stardust!  Some 8-month pictures and Christmas/Hanukkah photos.  I was not only her first Christmas, but also her dad's.  I asked how was his first Christmas.  He said, "educational."  :-)

She certainly does love to mug for the camera.

Before I grooved on upstairs to the sweatshop Sandbox this morning I spent a few minutes gazing out the front window.  It was gorgeous today, but windy and COLD.  Don't ask me why this squirrel stayed in this narrow bit of shade instead of taking advantage of the sun.

Here come the geese.  It looks like they're on a mission.

Yep.  They're coming for breakfast.

Everyone had a flap.

Hup two three four....

Well darn.  It's frozen!

Yep.  They've come to poop on the lawn breakfast on the fallen persimmons.  One of them didn't eat anything.  He (she?) watched me closely the whole time.

I'm watching you too buddy!

For heaven's sake!  Now the birds are foraging in the same bit of shade.  I don't get it!

Groovy, now I can see them.  A female eastern towhee and two white-throated sparrows.

I guess the holidays aren't completely over yet.  The amaryllis are still groovin' along.  The white one is about to bloom again too.

So before I got back into sewing the memory quilts waiting for me I couldn't resist working on the Temecula Quilt Co. mini mystery sampler quilt, The Twelve Days of Christmas.  I was a few days behind but the blocks are so little it was easy to catch up.  I don't know what line of fabric that is but I've had that pile of 7" blocks for several years.  They were for a class I couldn't get to because of a storm.  High time I used them for something!

Then I got down to business.  Fifteen rows done, nine more to go.  Then borders, then the third quilt out of the same shirts.

Groove on!


Heera said...

Happy New Year!
Stardust is very cute and beautiful.
I am happy to see you back in your studio working/playing which always inspires me.

Bonnie said...

"I was gorgeous today, but windy and COLD." Hum, I just can't decide how to take this comment from your blog. (Lol) I know you are gorgeous but I don't think you are the least bit cold! Don't you love typos? I reread my post 3 or 4 times before I push the publish button and I still have typos. Sigh.

Yeah for the 12 days mystery. I've actually kept up with no problem. Or it could be that I've been sewing every day since the 27th. I'm interested to see the setting for this. And, I wonder if there are 12 blocks and a setting or just the blocks or 9 blocks and setting info... we'll see.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Stardust is so cute! What a smile!

Lynn said...

Cute, cute cute!!!
It is cold, I'm not happy with the temperature, but it's supposed to work it's way back up.

Katie said...

Ooops! Typos are great. :-)

Liam said...

Hang it on your bird-xmas tree.