Wednesday, February 1, 2012


As a board.  Me.  Myself and I.  Moi.  All over.  Everywhere.  Pillar to post.  Stem to stern.  From climbing and crawling all day.  I'm sitting here seizing up.  I may have to get The Tramp to carry me to bed!  Not a bad thought really.

Monday and Tuesday were spent in the Sandbox.  I power-sewed my way through two t-shirt quilts.  I have Charlie and the dogs for company, crank up iTunes, and go at it.  I'm wondering if there is a pattern to the music Charlie seems to like.  As it is, he plays and squawks, eats and squawks, talks and squawks.  Yesterday he got particularly loud and animated when Aerosmith was on, today he was rocking to Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  Hmmmmm.  Also today, he was clucking like a least it sounded like it from my seat on the kitchen floor.  "Cheep!   Bawk, bawk, bawk!"  Where on earth did he hear chickens???  Oh dear.  Maybe the fumes are getting to me.  And we paid a bundle for the lowest VOC paint.  Heh.

This was a quiet(er) moment yesterday.  Part of the time he was zoned out, munching with his eyes closed.  I shoulda taken note of what music was playing!

Parrots are messy messy.  Ivy patiently waited for the fallen bits.  What she didn't realized was how many of them were on her back!

Fun quilt to work on with it's pink and polka-dot borders.

This one was just plain huge.  Fun bright colors too.

Five more houses in the works.  :-)

Today was breezy, warm and sunny.  I dragged out the sewing machine cabinet I promised to clean up for mom.  The top is in pretty bad shape.  And you can see where someone taped the cabinet closed and compromised the finish.  Sigh.  What is it about sewing machine cases and cabinets?  They get kept in hot or damp basements, sheds and garages.  There are always coffee cup and houseplant rings on them.  They almost never get covered up when a room is painted.  I don't get it!

You can see the tape marks on the drawers too.  Not much I can do about that at the moment, but I washed it down, got the spiders out of it *shudder*, went over it with a furniture restorer product, and gave it a good waxing.

Pretty wood.

It still has the inkwell!  I couldn't remember where the tricky catch was to get the drawers out so I just washed them out as best I could.

The underside was of course in the best condition.

But look at that.  The working surface looks pretty nice too!

The dogs "helped" by barking at all and sundry.

Things are growing!

And some never stopped growing.

Then I went back inside and threw open the kitchen windows and doors and got serious with the paint.  It took forever, but I got most of the textured wallpaper painted.  This included figuring out how to paint the 1/4" wide slivers on either side of the window.  Sheesh!  There are strips of the old wallpaper in there we couldn't have possibly gotten out.

*patting self on the back*  But I got in there!   :-)

The kitchen has lots of cute little spaces like that......which I will attack tomorrow.

Hellooooo?  Anyone going to help me hobble down the hallway to my bed?

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Anonymous said...

Wow! do I get it Sunday? You have done a wonderful job. Now what can I do for you. Maybe a back rub.