Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sewing again.....for real!

I'm not wearing the splint around the house much these days, unless I'm doing heavy work like changing sheets etc.  I'm keeping up with my physical therapy exercises which include activities like picking up coins (easy) and then flicking them out of my palm (hard), twiddling paperclips around in my fingers (not hard, but I keep dropping them!), and playing with a large container of dried black beans (ditto).  

I tried to sew with the splint on and it was pretty impossible.  I decided sewing without it was probably the best occupational therapy!  My hand looks narrow and my wrist is still thick.  Everything is a bit stiff and can be quite painful if I move it the wrong way.  

It's not very strong yet either, but then pins and small pieces of fabric don't weigh much and if I'm very careful look what I can do!  

Three more blocks in the Honey Pot Bee series.  I'm a bit behind, but having the best time catching up.  :-D


Chookyblue...... said...

Glad to hear the hand is healing.....I do like the blue block you made......

Maria said...

Nice to be able to sew again..
Love all your bee blocks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,hope your hand heals quickly for you,wow your blocks are awesome,well done Katie xx