Tuesday, July 11, 2017


And typing too!  Amazing to me.  I spent most of the weekend in a drug induced haze.  The Sailor Son, his boys and his lady paid us a visit.  Saturday, we spent a few hours at the lake.  There the four of them are in the water.  Me, I sat in my chair with my arm propped up staying carefully away from water or sand.  It was very hot and I did get up a couple of times to dunk my feet in the cool water, much to the family's amusement.  I couldn't walk in a straight line to save my soul!  I'm not sure what other people thought as I staggered back and forth.  :-)

It certainly wore me out.  All of us apparently.  The Tramp snuck this photo of us napping and commented upon the family resemblance.  lol

The dogs always enjoy a lot of attention during these visits.  Especially so for Piglet this time around.

Monday, The Viking had to mostly amuse himself.  He arrived with his bendy Batman and Joker and declared he wanted to build Gotham City.  We googled for the "perfect" pictures and taped them up as a backdrop.  Then he got seriously to work while I snoozed in my chair.  I was by this time off the narcotics so we also went out for a short test drive around the corner and a well earned work-off-some-energy-session for him at the mall play area.

My original dressing and plaster splint was becoming more and more uncomfortable.  It was so tight and the itching was getting more and more intense.  Arrrghhhh!  So this morning The Viking and I went off to the orthopaedic clinic so they could fix my problem.  The bandage and splint were cut off and lo and behold I had lots of swelling and a large itchy welt on the underside of my arm.  So this is the new splint, which I would have been given next week anyway.  I've also got a jump on the physical therapy.  I have a few exercises to keep my fingers limber which should also reduce some of the swelling.  The big puff on the back of my hand has gone down considerably already.  Yay.

It didn't completely solve the problem though.  The regulation "sock" part is not at all comfortable and too short to keep the plastic from touching my inflamed skin.  Arrrrghhhh!

After a couple of hours it was clear the whole thing was too tight so back I went for an adjustment.  My thumb was being strangled and the long sides were digging in.

Ahhhh.  Much better.  And the nasty "sock" problem was solved by pulling out some leftover cotton knit and making some "socks" of my own.  Also much better.  :-D

Who knew I'd be cutting and sewing so soon!  I sure didn't!


Chookyblue...... said...

I hope the wrist settles down for you......

Jenny said...

My goodness, that arm looks uncomfortable.

Not so the two sleeping beauties - you both look very comfy indeed! Hope you were not snoring as you were napping.

Bonnie said...

Wow! I've just read your last three posts. You've been super busy preparing for the surgery. And, even the last few you're still functioning with that yucky brace/cast etc. Take care of yourself. (I particularly like all those napping people.... I'm a big believer in napping!) Hope the days fly buy and you are back to your old self... with the repaired wrist.

Maria said...

Do hope the problem with the cast is now solved and the waist has settled down..
Looks like you did have a fun day out and how good you can sew already.
Take care hugz 🤗🤗🤗🤗