Sunday, January 10, 2016

The season

The Christmas season has come and gone so now I get to play catch-up!  :-)  The weather was oddly warm and wet.  It got a bit depressing.

Rain and more rain.  Record rainfall and record temperatures.

Though nothing is more cheery than Christmas lights.  Most of the houses around the pond joined in and I could enjoy the view from my chair.  It's like a double light show with the reflections in the pond.

And the rain stopped just in time for the luminaries to put out on Christmas Eve.

On Boxing Day I joined The Sailor Son, and ED's extended family at a Carolina Hurricanes vs NJ Devils hockey game.  The grands and the diehard hockey fans enjoyed it thoroughly.  Some of us were just there to watch the others enjoy it.  ;-)

They loved wearing the jerseys.

 The sun came out.....

And we got to enjoy the park too.  Crazy warm weather.

Santa came.

I had joined the Secret Santa Christmas Swap again this year.  This is the giftie I made up for Shez.  It's an Abbey Bag.  It's a cute pattern and I enjoy making them.  I added in a matching box of pins and Shez says she's thrilled with it.

 And I am thrilled with the gift I received from the lovely Fiona.  An Etui!  Look at the stitching and the wonderful goodies inside!

Lucky me!!!  :-)

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