Saturday, December 5, 2015


Ok.  Trying something new.  While I was on haitus it appears Blogger has added drag & drop photos. So let's see if it works.

It does!!  Stardust and her mother came by train to visit for Thanksgiving and we ended up with quite a crowd.  I'll save that for another post.

The sewing machine table is finished and in place!

I signed up to be part of Molli Sparkles' Glitterati Army of pattern testers.  The first assignment was these two "Tidal Pool" blocks.

I had fun making a new pair of slippers for The Tramp from the Papa Bear pattern.  I went crazy with scraps of novelty fabrics.  It was great fun.  He has requested a pair slightly larger and with a much thicker insole.  Hmmmmm.  Have to think about how to make them warmer.

Me:  "You have a tail."
The Viking:  "No I don't.  I'm a snake!"
Me:  "Snakes have tails too."
The Viking:  "No they don't!  They have snakers!"

You can't argue with that.

I went to a Bonnie Hunter Texas Tumbleweeds workshop a few Saturdays ago.  It was so much fun and so productive.  I got six blocks done!  Since then I've finished a few more, but it's now to put it away and finish up some Christmas sewing.

Christmas is coming fast!  Someone is dancing for joy.  :-)

The Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus are ready too.

I've been cranking out some small stuffed items with patterns from Jodi Carleton's shop.
I can't even tell you how cute these things are and how delighted I am (and proud of myself...tee hee).  All sewing should be this much fun.  :-)  Shhhhhhh!  They're Christmas gifts.

Too cute for words!  And on that note, I close with a photo from Christmas past.  It must be 1980.  The glasses I can live with, but there is no excuse for that corduroy jumpsuit.  Shudder.  Not that I will be any more fashionable this year.  ;-)

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Jenny said...

Don't you look lovely!! And I think they call this sort of outfit a "onesie" - well they do over here, although they seem to be woolly and definately animal like!

Merry Christmas to you and yours from a Kiwi reader.