Monday, October 19, 2015

Fun days

I sewed!!  Wow.  What a concept!  I've been shoving pattern and fabric all around The Sandbox waiting to make this table runner.  All I needed was the ruler.  Today was the day I could finally try it out.  Yay!

It's really quite simple, but if you've never done it before you have to think a bit about how it's going to look when it's all together.  Nice excercise for the brain.  :-)  Not bad for the first go.

The Viking has enjoyed the fuss over his turning three.  He's moved up to the preschool storytime group at the library and last week it was all about the letter M, which is for Moose.  The hand shaped hand stamps on his hands are moose antlers.  Put your thumbs on the sides of your head and stick out your fingers and you'll know what we were doing all week.  The librarian warned everyone the ink pad was pretty wet and suggested the children blow on the stamps.  Yep.  You know there were a lot of blue lips and noses.  :-)  I carry a tissue to blot the stamps, but even with that he managed to smear blue across his face before we even got in the car.  It matched his eyes nicely!

"Go Nini, make it go!"  I did.  Do you know how hard that metal seat is??  Oh my.

ED came over on Friday and we unleashed our creative energies on The Viking's birthday cake.  What a glorious mess we made.

When I texted him how the day was progressing The Tramp observed we had made the Easy Button!

What we were making was this.  The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  

After fumbling with fondant, skewering the heck out of it to keep it upright,  and much laughter, we agreed it would have been far easier to have made the Easy Button.  This is what we ended up with though.  You could put what we both know about buttercream, fondant and cake decorating in a thimble.  It was an awful mess, but The Viking knew exactly what it was so it counts as a total success.  :-D

Party time!!

It was a stunningly beautiful day.  With friends, pizza, presents, swings, craft projects, bounce houses, and red frosting ear to ear and in everyone's hair (along with the paint and glitter), the party was deemed a big success.  The gift of the day was a bubble mower and here he is, after everyone was finally gone, taking a rest from mowing and finally having a bite to eat.

Also on the weekend a friend sent me this photo from the state fair.  Ribbons!  Woot!  I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful exhibits.  :-)


Jenny said...

Such a pretty table runner Katie. And you can't get anything more fun than a 3 year old's birthday party!

Bonnie said...

You are braver than me to tackle that cake. I can do a Cookie Monster 's fur with the right Wilton tip but that's about it for me. I have that pattern but haven't had time to look at it much. I sure hope I have the right ruler here.