Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yep. Another castle.

I thought I'd write again before another whole month got away from me.  Last time I posted Soledad was wearing her new "skirt."  I glued it on and then next morning decided I hated it and pulled it off.  This skirt is so much better.  Take my word for it.  :-)

The Tramp took the Labor Day holdiay week off of work and we seemed to spend most of our time running to appointments.  No rest for the weary!  Not to be ignored, Ngaire started to look decidedly unhappy with life and a trip to the vet confirmed an abscessed tooth.  Between the anesthesia and pain killers we came home with one wobbly and miserable dog.  Nothing much I could do but sit on the floor with her and let her drool all over my jeans.  True love, that.  Happily, a week later, she is back to her normal crochety old self.

One errand took The Viking and I over to the town hall campus.  This was the view as we got out of the car.  "Radio Castle!" he shouted with glee.  Really??  Now where in the world did he learn that one?

He knows his castles, that's for sure, but try explaining the concept of "town hall" to a two-year-old.    Nope, not happening.  :-)  We concluded our business inside then walked around the grounds looking at some of the art.  "A giraffe, Nini!"

"What is it Nini?"  I suggested it looked like a cracked open egg.  You can imagine his mother's confusion when he told her he had put his face in an egg.  :-D

The boy, who has been camera shy as of late, then ran to pose in front of other structures of interest.  It was a fun interlude in a crazy week.

I received a first day of pre-school photo of Stardust.  So amazing how they grow so fast.

This week the weather is finally cooler and the mosquitoes a little less intense, so it's park time!  No, he was not allowing me to take his picture.

It also means I can sit on the screened porch in comfort.  I dug out my beach crochet project which hasn't moved along very far and it kept me busy

....while The Viking rediscovered the sandbox.

Today was another fabulous park day.

Soledad got quite a bit of attention over the last week and is now standing on her own.

I messed around with dying some gauze for her waist and lower end, and have made at least a dozen beaded flowers.   More beads to come, but I have to think about it first.

She has hair too.  I had no clue what I was doing, but after reading up a bit online and watching a video I ended up with something I'm pleased with....or at least not unhappy with.  :-)

She has been entered in the state fair so I need to hurry up and make decisions so she can be finished!

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Jenny said...

Oh dear - poor dog. No wonder she was so miserable.

Our elderly cat (nearly 20 years old) has gum problems and we give her pain killer drops on her gums every night. Once we started this, her appetite returned and she started eating again. Guess her poor gums were just too sore before.