Thursday, September 3, 2015

More castles

Much chatter and comment comes from the back seat of the van.  It took us weeks to figure out what The Viking meant by "castles!"  They turned out to be Water Castles (water towers).  We have new castle talk these days.  The Bird Castle was pretty easy to figure out.  The very tall and straight steeple of a church we often drive past indeed looks a bit like a lofty palace for some royal birds.  And lest you think I'm snapping photos as I drive, this is the best photo I could get while sitting at a long red light.  :-)

That one was pretty easy.  But each time he pointed out the Bird Castle he also included "the bird house."  
"I see the Bird Castle Nini!  And the bird house too!"  
"What bird house Viking?"
"Back there!!"

I had not a clue.  For weeks this went on.  Then on Tuesday, we stopped at different red light and as I idly looked around guess what I spotted!  Yep.  The Bird House.   On the empty church building on the corner.  Well good golly.  I pass this building every day and never saw a bird house.  Probably never would have.  :-)

In The Sandbox, doll stuff has come out onto the tables.  Poor Soledad has been neglected and it's time to finish her and maybe enter her in the State Fair.  I added more Paperclay to her shoulders and wrists and got paint on her yesterday.

Today she got her "tattoos" and the beginnings of her skirt.

Flowers are waiting to adorn her and I have lots more coral and starfish to bead.

Today I got a wonderful picture of Five and Batman on their first day of school.  I wish I'd been there to send them off with a hug.  :-)


Lynn said...

My little guy just started preschool at the first "castle" cross your fingers, I may be able to get some sewing done?!

Heera said...

I remember my kids pointing out things to me which I always missed. Flags were my son's favorite things to point out. Your mermaid is beautiful Katie. Post pictures of her in the fair, ok? It was so nice to bump into you the other day and to meet your folks.