Sunday, September 7, 2014


Trying out posting from my iPad, with a few random pictures. 

This week I took The Viking for his first Storytime at one of the local libraries. He mostly observed rather than participated, but afterwards was thrilled with the grape smelling READ stamps. He knows his letters so it must have intrigued him to have letters on his hands. 

Tricky this. Ah. Now I've got my cursor where I want it. :-).  Hard to choose the best photos from tiny thumbnails though. I finished the crocheted valance for the kitchen.  It adds a spark of color to a dull corner. :-)

Finished my tuffet.  More color!

Finished the princess's bed. (16" tall)

Though the lady is still a shadow of her final self.  I can only hope she will be as cute as her bed!

Ok. That's it. Sailor Son is here and we're off to find something interesting to do. :-)

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Jenny said...

Hi Katie

So nice to read about the happenings in your part of the world again. And you have certainly been been busy adding colour to your home.