Monday, July 29, 2013


The Tramp and I had a productive chat today about setting some house rules for ourselves.   For instance, taking a walk or going to the gym/swimming everyday is on the list.  I'm also breaking one of the rules already by writing a weblog after 9pm.  :-P  Oh well.  It's a goal at least.

So.  We did go for a walk the other day.  It was a lovely evening, one of the few without rainstorms.

Everything is so GREEN!

Even this turtle is looking very green and "mossy."

We walked the long way "around the block" and stopped in Barnes & Noble for a quick browse.

And then walked home on the brand new sidewalks!  A great improvement, from our point of view.

Charlie has been worrying us for a few days.  He looks ok here.  But if he turned around you'd see that the colored feathers that are supposed to be on his back....

are here.  On the bottom of his cage.  This is just a few of them.

Not being sure why he was acting so weird and uncomfortable, we emptied his cage and took it outdoors for a good scrub down and spray with the hose.

Then I either threw out or washed all the bird stuff that was in his cage or stored in bins so we could rotate toys or make new ones.  I still have to give his play stand the same treatment.  He does seem much happier as of today so I haven't rushed him off to the vet....yet.  We're still reeling from the last round of vet bills when the dogs had tape worm.  (Ugh!  Yuck!  Gross!  Ewwwwwww!)  I'll be watching him closely though!

Also on the weekend we drove down to check on The Other House.  It looks like it's going to be occupied soon, but I'm not going to jinx anything by saying any more.  The neighbors are still watching over it for us so we stopped in for a chat and to say thank you again.  They have a splendid garden and took us out to see the big fat caterpillars on the fennel plants and all the new chrysalises hanging on the nearby canna lilies.

I smoothed out some of the stresses of the past week with a box of the newly resurrected Hostess Cup Cakes.  A blast from the past which I doubt I'll indulge in again.....but it was fun.

I finished another t-shirt quilt top.

And have moved on to another UFO on my challenge list.  I hung the quilt up there on the design wall for inspiration while I cut up the scraps that remain from cutting down all the 6" half square triangles swapped by my bee last year.  Everything in that quilt top had to be cut down!  Not the quick methods in Bonnie Hunter's instructions!

I'm working on a piano key border....sort of.

It's going to be kind of weird but at least it'll be interesting.  :-)

Announcing:  the birth of Wee Willie Wyvern.  Why Willie?  I have no idea.  :-P

After I got him together I messed around adding a few crystals here and there.

I don't know why he has a face on his tail, but then again, why not?

Love the blue talons.

All in all he came out pretty well.  I see what I'd change if I did it again.  Mostly to do with fabric choices.  But not any time soon.  This UFO is crossed off my list and now on to the next one!  :-)


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Wee Willie turned out great ... isn't it nice to get UFOs all done? That scrap quilt is looking very nice too.

We don't have house rules but we do end up walking at least 1 1/2 miles almost every day just because the dogs need to get out of the house. I'd like to get better but it's a start. Looks like you have a lovely place to walk. Love all that greenery!

Ivory Spring said...

Oh - that scrappy quilt toward the end really caught my attention.

Sounds like you have had a good summer.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful scrap quilt. Very much like one I put the last stitches in the binding the other day even though the quilt was finished months ago.

Willie is fabulous. Now that he is done where does he reside? He should be in a fabulous castle! Personally, I like his colors.