Friday, July 19, 2013

Feeling better

This time around The Tramp was well and I was sick.  However now he's sick too, poor baby.  I've spent most of this week sleeping, in fact now I think about it, today is the first day I haven't had a long nap!  I must be feeling better.  Yay!

Last week, while we were still feeling good we had a wonderful evening at Koka Booth Amphitheater. We arrived early to be among the first in line for places on the lawn.  Look!  I even got The Tramp to smile for the camera.  :-D

It wasn't overly hot and sticky, and the rain held off.  A minor miracle this summer.

Harry Connick!  As ever, a fabulous performance.

In the last post I said we'd gone off to buy something we found on Craigslist.  It was this table for the kitchen.  We had put in a "breakfast bar" which we never sat at, so we yanked it out and searched for a small table.  Much better!

The dogs are shedding heavily again.  Sigh.  Under Ngaire, on the "favorite stair," it's black.  Sigh.  All the time.  SIGH.

So I gathered the hairy ones together for a brushing session in the kitchen.  There are too many mosquitoes to do it outside!  But look, I didn't get very much.  Weird.  How can that be when I have to vacuum up black tufts every day??

The Laughing Dog let me give her a mohawk.  :-D

And then she went to settle down on the bird poop catcher paper and let Charlie do his thing on her.  They are so funny.

On the rainy weekend, The Sailor Son came for a short visit with the grands, and Mom and Dad came over for dinner.  The "new" table got a workout, and I was pleased it proved to be a good decision.

Sailor Son and I took Dad and the grands to the Dinosaurs in Motion exhibit at the Natural History Museum on Saturday.  I was very impressed and would have liked to linger, but as usual the young ones rushed us through.  :-)  At Batman's insistence, we did take some time to revisit the room with the costumes.  I'm not sure what he was expecting since he would only consent to put on the "calapitter" and t-rex costumes.  Five, in the background, was much more interested in things like the microscopes.  Still, I'm pleased they do remember being here last year when they were only 3 and 4 years old and hope they took something new away with them this time.

Back at the house it was mostly about Lego.  To keep the dining table clear for meals I set up a folding table for them.  They enjoyed sitting in front of the window and reporting each visit by the hummingbirds.

Ngaire usually stays away from bouncy small boys but the play rug must have been too much of a temptation.  :-)

Sailor Son reads to them all the time.  Here they are reading aloud to the same time.  :-)  It was wonderful listening to Five "read" all the way through One Fish Two Fish in the style of Fox in Sox.  Love my boys!

Then Monday came and I woke up sick, darn it.  Who knows were the germ came from but ugh!  Yesterday I managed to stay awake long enough to work for a while on a t-shirt quilt.  Today, however was all about my wyvern.  This is how it was coming together last week when I got all the parts sewn and stuffed.

And today, after a quick trip out to get some pearly paints I started the embellishments.  Fun!

We're looking forward to a quiet weekend.  It's supposed to be hot and stormy so I think I'll stay in The Sandbox and have some more fun.  :-)

Oops.  I hear the Goodnight Kiwi.  It must be bedtime!


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I'm loving your dragon! I have the other dragon pattern but have never made it. It's one of those one-of-these-days project.

Lynn said...

Every time you share the dragon I am really amazed! Everything about it, including that gorgeous color is stunning.
I've been searching craigslist for a desk, no luck so far, but I did find a very nice glider/rocker right here in town.
No rain so far this weekend, but the mosquitos sure are terrible.