Tuesday, September 4, 2012


After a short cooler spell we are back to summer weather.  I am so ready for summer to be over.  The mosquitoes have been horrendous so I dash between house and car and haven't been taking time to enjoy the gardens and pond.  The heron seems to be quite happy though.

This afternoon I suited up in long pants and insect repellent and went out to scoop in the backyard.   So where did the mosquito get me?  On my thumb.  I can' t win!  I stopped during my rounds to take a look at the volunteer tomato plants....and looky what I found.   A cherry tomato for each of us!  :-)  The plants are growing like mad so I suspect we'll be having many more.

Speaking of things red, we've had yet another go-around with Red's brakes.  (Sigh.)  The car felt like it was dragging and my gas mileage had gone to pot.  The garage patiently took it all apart and put it back together again and I think we can finally call it fixed.  Once again Red can coast along nicely and the gas mileage has improved greatly.  Yay!  I'm sure the mechanics are as thrilled as I am.  

I'm told Stardust has a really good time with washable markers.  I guess it makes bath time just that much more fun.  :-)

I wish it were so easy to sort out the Sandbox.  Yeesh!  That precarious pile of fabrics and the two bins on the right are for the "secret" project back there on the design wall.  (Thank goodness you can't see under the table!)

We have all the stuff to do with the little houses crowded by the Bernina too.  Oops.  Ignore the plate with blueberry scone crumbs.  :-)

(Hmmmmm.  What is the black???  Oh yes!  It's the lycra.  The underarms of my bathing suit suddenly started rubbing me raw so I bought the smallest bit of bathing suit lycra JoAnn's would sell me and hand sewed strips over the rough stitching on the armholes.  It's better, but what I really need is a new bathing suit with a different cut....darn it.)

The cutting table is no better.  I have four memory quilts (for the same client) going at the same time so there are multiple piles of clothing in the process of being cut up.  The quilts are a churn dash, a rail fence, a square in a square, and a wonky triangle thing, each in a different color way.  The gold on the left is a charity quilt I quilted for Mom and forgot to deliver to her this morning.  Sorry Mom!  Goodness, there are at least six rulers lurking under there along with scissors, marking implements and rotary cutter, the bolt of interfacing about to fall on the floor, and the pink box with the wool applique BOM too.  Sheesh.  And the brightly colored fleece?  We won't even go there.....

The ironing area isn't safe either.  I've got the clothing spread around in four piles but much of it is shared between several or all of the quilts.  The best way to handle it seems to be just jump in with the first one and go from there.  At least there's plenty to work with!

Both The Tramp and I got up this morning at 5:00 and discovered we'd both been laying awake for at least an hour.  Who knows why.  So I think it's time to go to bed.

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Lynn said...

Even summer weather isn't supposed to be this nasty and humid. I almost long for that hot spell in July when it was 100 degrees. My sewing room got so out of hand that I had to stop all sewing and clean it up. But now the messy is creeping out of control again.
Bathing suit? Do you go to one of the close by pools?