Saturday, September 8, 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head.......

It's been rather rainy lately.  There was quite a deluge a couple of days ago.  The pond level rose very quickly but it didn't overflow this time.

Dog TV on a rainy day.

Ivy and Maisy are essentially the same sized dog, but Maisy is somewhat vertically challenged and can only just see over the windowsill.

She rests her chin for comfort.  :-)

Birds always seem to flock to the feeder during rain storms.  I had trouble getting any good pictures through the raindrops on the window.

I need to sit quietly for hummingbird pictures on a sunny day!

Upstairs, I'm continuing to work on the four memory quilts.  I've got about half of the churn dash blocks put together.  This was requested to be more pink, blue and grey.

And I've been auditioning some of the rail fence strips so I can get a feel for how it's going to look.  This one is supposed to to be more green.  I'm sure I'll have to clear the design wall to sort this one out properly.

Yesterday, as many other Sandbox days, I go downstairs periodically to grab a drink.  Charlie is usually upstairs with me, hanging out on his play stand.  When we go out of sight for a few minutes he chirps in a particular way to let us know he doesn't like being left behind, and I generally talk back to him to stay in contact.  As I stuck my head in the refrigerator I heard him calling in the usual way but this time it sounded too close!  I rushed to the bottom of the stairs and yep, there he was.  Surrounded by dogs....very cautious dogs.  :-)

This squeaky toy bites!

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Katherine D. Stein said...

Great picture of the hummingbird. Charlie can hold is own with do girls...he has a beak and knows how to use it :-)