Monday, May 14, 2012


So what do you do on a dark dull rainy Monday?  First of all, you find yourself amazed that the fence company called (!) at 7:30 am (!) and asked if they could come and install the fence posts. Well duh.  Yes!  We thought it wouldn't be for another week.  We were also amazed they were coming in the rain....but what do we know.  We were further amazed at the skill of the man backing the truck and trailer from the one lane curved road up our narrow steep driveway!  The Tramp says backing a trailer is a dark art and I'm inclined to agree with him.

The trailer was on the flat of the drive but the truck was kind of hanging there over the pond.  It rolled forward several times (scary!) until the brakes held.  One of the men found some rocks in our backyard to chock the wheels with.  Whew!

They cut down a few saplings that were in the way, waded through the muck and wet underbrush (it rained for hours last night!), dug holes for 32 posts, poured concrete in the rain and seemed to be cheerful through it all.  We chose black wire fencing so it will disappear into the landscape.    The pictures aren't great because I took them through the screens but you can barely see the posts leaning drunkenly there in their holes.

The line marching along the back.

That will be the 4ft gate.  The 8ft gate will be on the other side of the house.

Saturday morning we moved that whole pallet of wood fence pickets out of the fence line.  Thank goodness we did!  I would have hated doing it in the rain early this morning!  :-)

By the time they packed up to leave it was pouring and thundering.

I'm thinking it was easier to drive out of the driveway.  :-)  They should be back on Wednesday to install the rest.  Mind you it's supposed to continue raining through then.  It's pouring again right now. Yeesh.

So what else do you do on a rainy Monday?  You give your deserving sewing machine a really good cleaning.  From underneath.....

And everywhere else.

I also cleaned out my walking foot and it seemed to be full of black grease.  Yuck!

Then you get on with your sewing while admiring your almost fenced in mud pit.  Sigh.  :-)


Lynn said...

I just cleaned my machine the other day, I couldn't ignore that noise it was making. Now it's all better, amazing how a little bit of fuzz makes a difference.
You and the dogs will love the new fence!

Bonnie said...

I love that we have a fenced in yard. We can just throw the dogs outside. We walk them somedays but for the most part they sit and watch the neighborhood from their own back yard.

Leeann said...

I see you have been learning to use Photoshop too! I knew that those wheelie bins would be removed from your header one day :-)