Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two steps forward, one step back?

It's been one of those weeks.  We've actually gotten a whole lot done around here, but there is always so much more to do that I never feel like I've really accomplished much.  Silly, I know.

Despite it being the warmest March on record, last night March went out like a lion here.  The weather radio was blaring out warnings and we had a strong storm with wind and hail whiz through.  Not too much thunder though.  We did have one largish tree limb come down.  Some of the hail around here was reported to be almost 2"!  I personally didn't go out and look.  We were too busy chatting to a New Zealand friend on Skype.  The miracles of modern technologies continue to amaze me.  :-)

The weather has mostly been gorgeous.  Good for dog TV. 

Maisy has short legs so she has to sit with her chin resting on the window sill.  :-)

And she was doing a nice job of keeping my toes warm too!

On Saturday morning somehow The Tramp and I came around to the subject of refrigerators and freezers.  We have the side-by-side in the kitchen.  A nice unit but very frustrating in this kitchen because I can't open the freezer door all the way.  We also have a chest freezer in the garage.  Every once in a while I wonder what must be lurking in the depths of it.  I hate to get my hands cold so I don't go digging down to the bottom very often.  So anyway....the upshot of our discussion was a trip around the corner to Sears.  And we ordered a new fridge.  Just like that!  And just like that it was delivered this morning! 

We also listed the freezer on Craigslist yesterday, and it left this morning!   After a thorough cleaning of course.  This also prompted a garage cleaning as we needed to make way for the old fridge to be moved to the space vacated by the freezer.

 Pulling out the old fridge reminded me I still have to finish painting the kitchen.  Sigh.  But isn't the yellow and white a huge improvement over the dark green and the wallpaper!  :-)

And now we have the new one!  It's actually a little smaller so the need to finish painting shows even more.  Eeek!

And the door swings away from the wall.  Woot!!!  Now I can get the bins out to clean at any time!  

The old fridge fits nicely in the garage.  We removed everything and gave it a good cleaning too.

And the very best part of all this is now I have refrigerator space for all the gluten-free flours and stuff that require refrigeration.  Yesssssss!

This freed up space for more baking stuff in this cabinet.

And allowed some stuff to come out of the pantry.  It still looks full but things aren't quite so ready to fall off the shelves.  :-)

Fortunately the shelves are quite long, but unfortunately you can't really utilize the space easily way back in there.

On this side too.  One day we'll figure out what to do about it.  Maybe.

We also took a large load to the thrift shop today and managed to get rid of one of the many sewing machine cabinets in the garage by listing it on Freecycle.  The Tramp is very pleased.  :-)  And just to show him that I still love him I baked him cookies....

....banana bread (not pictured) and two loaves of g-f sandwich bread.  I've been having so much trouble with collapsing loaves lately but these two are looking pretty good!

Charlie wanted to know why there haven't been any photos of him lately.   Yep.  A close up.  So you can't see that amongst everything else this weekend I didn't do the weekly cage cleaning.  Oops.

A couple of grandchild photos to round things up and then I'm going to bed.  It's surprisingly exhausting washing down appliances and hauling all that food around!

A great photo came today of Grand #3 with his dad.  :-)

And here is Stardust looking like a Downy commercial.  Cute!

Maybe I'll get to sew tomorrow????

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Leeann said...

Put lazy susans in the hard to get corners of the cupboards.
Love the new header too, the pond looks great. I haven't been to your blog for a while but have been going thru several posts gee you have been busy!