Friday, April 6, 2012

Photo heavy!

I thought I'd take my cue today from the order my photos show up in.  But it doesn't really make sense that way since I use both my phone and my camera, and when mixed together, the photos aren't chronological.  I don't suspect you you.  Be honest now!  But I will put them in order.  Or at least I'll let you think they're in order.

Heh.  You know I can hear you not caring.  :-)

I have done a bit of sewing.  Another t-shirt quilt top is done and delivered.

In the process of garage cleaning I came across a container of parrot pellets Charlie rejected.  I've been throwing them out for the birds and the ducks come running!

This guy just sat down and made himself comfortable while he ate around himself.

We now have five eggs!  Woot!

The dogs are enjoying having their food dishes back in stands.  They don't much care what crazy color I painted them, as long as they have food in them!

They wait at the starting gate for the signal......

....and they're off!!  Charlie says "eat!" sometimes before I do but the dogs haven't responded.  Thank goodness!  Can you imaging the chaos around here if they started taking random commands from the bird?  Yikes!

I finally found a happy place for a few African violets on my sewing table.   I've been rewarded with some lovely blooms.  :-)

The next round of azaleas is looking good.

Charlie says, "good morning," and, "yes, she finally cleaned my cage!"  He literally does say "good morning" when I uncover his the morning of course.  :-)  He's been adding some noises to his vocabulary.  He pips and squeaks in response to the squeak of the back door lock, the plink of a spoon against a dish, and other similar noises he notices that I don't usually take much notice of.  He now sneezes (a squawk) when I sneeze and coughs (a different squawk) when I do.  His latest is making "chopping" noises when he hears me chopping veggies on the wooden cutting board.  Cute!

Tuesday, the "home" button on The Tramp's iPhone 4 quit working.  He made an iPhone appointment with the Genius Bar and off we went.  The end result is that we came home with a white iPhone 4S for me and he took over my black iPhone 4.  He tested the camera as we drove home in Raleigh rush hour traffic.

I snapped a photo of the ducks as we got out of the car.

At dinner time I played around with the flash and took pictures of the dogs under the dining room table.  :-)  We had to jump through a whole bunch of hoops backing up and restoring the phones and getting them set up just the way we like them, but once done we were pretty satisfied.

I wasn't however, happy with the way the videos from the new phone played back on my laptop.  So I made yet another iPhone appointment with the Genius Bar and went back the Apple Store yesterday with Dad riding shotgun.  Everyone is exceedingly helpful in the Apple Store but nonetheless it took us several hours and a second appointment with a Mac genius to sort everything out.  It turns out the processor on my laptop is a little to old to deal with the HD videos from the new camera.  Sigh.

I also complicated the visit by asking if I could change the white phone back to a black one.  I wasn't finding the white color as fun as I had thought, so I figured I'd ask.  Sure! they said, did you bring the receipt with you?  Well no, I said.  It never arrived in my email!  (It was in my spam folder.  Sigh.)  The upshot of all this was The Tramp ended up having to drive out to the store too because it was his credit card etc. we used....and Dad was patience itself.  :-)

So now I'm happy.....and still having fun snapping photos with the better phone camera.  Today was a rather wet and increasingly green morning.

The goose has laid her eggs.

She does have a nice view.  :-)

Yesterday morning.....before I decided to run off to the Apple Store again, we had the carpets cleaned.  Yessss!  Why did I wait?

The dogs were thrilled when it was dry enough so they could come out of the kitchen.  They had a grand old romp up and down the hallway and around the bonus room.

This afternoon I surprised the ever-patient Tramp with a request to move furniture....again.  Poor guy.  I'm never satisfied.  The too large desk, there standing on it's side, is out.

And I'm back to my old smaller table.  It's oriented so I can see out the window now.  I have my printer/scanner and cabinet tucked into the dormer to my right.

One file cabinet behind me.  (It all just fits so nicely.)

The other file cabinet got shoved under the cutting table to my left.

And the tall cabinet with my paints, the big-ass Xerox Phaser printer, and the also-big shredder tucked nicely under the slope.  (The Tramp made the Phaser a rolling cart a while back, so we could move the darned thing around without killing ourselves!)

So that's it for today.  I need to take my poor stiff back to bed so we can tackle getting the large desk out of the house tomorrow.  It never ends, does it!  :-)


Lorraine said... have been busy......moving furniture around is always good exercise LOL

Lynn said...

Geesh, I hope you didn't have to go all the way to Southpoint? Your husband sounds like a very patient man. We just got our son an iphone for his birthday, I think he loves it more than he loves the rest of the family.

Nancy said...

Well you've been busy!!! I have a question about the t-shirt quilt. I'm going to make one for a friend who's son passed away last year and I'm curious as to what you used to stabilize the t-shirts.
Take care!